Tuesday, 30 August 2011

hAir DilEmMa

So today when my Dad who studied economics came home, i simply announced that i had finally taken my weave out. Trust me, i was simply trying to make conversation and inform him about my day. I was simply expecting "oh thats good dear" or "thats nice to hear" or the usual "leave joor! what's on your mind is definetly not what's on mine:)!" So you can imagine how surprised i felt when my dad of twenty something years turned to me and said "That's a social good news and  financial bad news". Then my both parents started laughing and naturally i had to join in the laughter. I just couldn't let it go so i began probing him to find out what he meant about my hair being a social good news. Ofcourse i understood the part about financial bad news because he knew i would soon be knocking on his door asking for money for my new hairdo. But social good news?! my own humble hair? i had to find out what he meant o! did my own father believe that my hair was an eyesore especially in social settings and the change perceived as a good news? had he been looking forward to this day since and hadn't told me? i was glad when he said that he just that he was pulling my legs and that he felt change is good and variety appreciated socially. he further assured me by telling me that he knows that every girl including his daughter loves new things--- from clothes to hair dos! :)! whew! what a relief!!

"Turn away your eyes from me, for they overwhelm me- Your hair is like a flock of goats leaping down the slopes of gilead." SOS 6:5

Not sure what to make of this scripture...

Dude: Hey babe! your hair is like a flock of goats... i could get lost in it ;) 

Dude: Na wa o! this your hair sef! it take style dey resemble flock of goat (ewure/nama)

What do you think? compliment? or insult?

yours sincerely,


  1. lol your dad is funny, & as for the scripture, i have no idea! how do u even compare hair to a flock of goats? O___o lol


  2. lmao ur dad is funnny. I'd use that line on someone!!

    loving ur blog nd following :)

  3. Ha ha ha! I hope the person doesnt get distraught over it ;)! And thank you for following :*!

  4. Eyaa love your family already... and lol! about the SOS verse. I too wonder!