Thursday, 27 December 2012

Shua Shua

I can never forget the day I told my youngest brother to lay my parents bed. We were quite young back then. We were probably still in elementary School. Typical of my lovely brother, he started grumbling. It was getting late and my parents were expected home any minute so I begged and pleaded with him. I told him to do the “Shua-shua” method which was a hurried quick approach to bed making. As the only girl in the house, the dishes were specially reserved for me and I hadn’t finished washing up so I couldn’t lay the bed myself.
I had forgotten about the whole episode until later that evening when I heard a shout from my parent’s room followed by our names in the sequence of our birth. We were being summoned! It was sign that someone or everyone was in big soup. We all ran to my parent’s room to meet a very displeased Dad. I can’t remember everything my Dad said that night but I remember him saying “if you guys do not want to lay me and your mothers bed then don’t do it, we can do it ourselves after we get back from a long day at work. Just don’t disrespect us by doing this”. Apparently my brother had thrown the covers on the untidy bed. He had misinterpreted the concept of Shua-shua and felt it meant “don’t make the bed instead just cover up the mess nicely with the duvet so that everyone thinks you did.”
A few days ago I reminded my brother about the incident and we had a good laugh about the whole incident but that fateful night it wasn’t funny at all. Anyways it got me thinking about my life and life in general and how it would be so much easier to throw a duvet to cover up the mess and plaster a smile pretending everything is normal when it isn’t. The Shua Shua style never really works in my little experience. It’s simply just a way of delaying the inevitable. Plus God, our Father sees everything we do so there’s NO hiding from him.  

"would not God discover this? For He knows the secrets of the heart."
Psalm 44:21(ESV)

I’m grateful God didn’t throw a cover over me and my mess of sin instead He sent Jesus. I daily need His grace to go the love way and neaten untidy situations with love.

Yours Sincerely,

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


There was a time I could not go a day without writing or scribbling something but in recent times I have left my thoughts to wander into oblivion. Quite sad buh true. My coursework is not helping matters too. Anyways I attended my first Igbo traditional wedding last week and it was Awesome!(Pictures coming soon) Hope everyone in blogville is doing great n getting ready for the holidays :)! cheers!

Yours sincerely,