Thursday, 28 April 2011


As a child I used to look forward to the day I'd partake in elections
it wasn't just the fact that I would have a part in the selection
I was simply glad to see the end of the last government tenure
and filled with hopes and aspirations for the new national adventure

You see, Nigeria is a great nation
and I say that with a deep hearted conviction without hesitation
She is very much like an expectant mother
pregnant with potentials though the delivery date seems further

There is definitely more to Nigeria than what we normally obtain
though it seems as if her direction is uncertain
Nigeria will surely spring forth unrestrained
for she can no longer be manipulated and detained

Elections are just a step in the right direction
I pray for a free, fair and peaceful election
and that the fear of God will drive our leaders
so that Nigeria will indeed be a joy to all readers

yours sincerely,

Friday, 15 April 2011

judging cee

"don't judge me cos u ain't me"
is a cliche she's willing to adopt
she's a christain and she loves God
but sometimes she messes up like everyone else
and if God doesn't judge her
who are you to do so?

she sometimes says stuff she doesn't mean
and does stuff she shouldn't
why can't evry1 in the world be like God?
He forgives and totally forgets
why can't her past be left in the past?
why are people so unforgiving?

she prays to be perfect
and God sees her heart
but if along the way she falls
please don't judge her
instead lend a helping hand
and put a sister back on track

'cos judging her won't help you or me

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder
what you consider to be beautiful
might just be repulsive to me
 i personally conside the sky as a 'portrait of beauty'
i like the way it has mood swings
one minute its blue and "lovey dovey"
the next its vexed threatening to storm
other times it's blank... giving away no emotion
it's never afraid to express it's true feelings
when it's sad, its never ashamed to let tears drop
when its happy, it beams so much we get sunstrokes
it doesn't care what people think about its thunder
it is void of pretense
i love that no matter what challenge it faces,
especially with this ozone depletion saga
it still takes out time to potray its inner beauty
beauty in the good, bad and ugly
beauty in transparency, honesty and intergrity
there is indeed beauty in diversity

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Young Man

So we've met before and you paid for my drink
and i cant even remember your name
it was a very nice gesture but thats where it ends
i've tried so many times to gently let you down
and discourage your advances
i'm getting tired of being nice
don't push me to the wall, young man!

So many times i've thought back to that day in cafe
and i regret letting you pay
i should have been blunt and refused then.
you make me feel bad for not making small talk
but i don't want to start something i won't finish
or maybe i should have pretended not to know you the next day
because i'm getting tired of being polite
don't push it to far, young man!

So you keep intentionally appearing and reappearing everywhere i go.
if i needed a bodyguard, i would have said so
i hate (abhor) stalking of any and every kind.
why can't my short, flippant and monosyllabic replies tell you how i feel?
i don't want to talk today, tomorrow or ever
you are really pushing it, young man!

So we're in the same school and group
i don't hate you or like you
i just dislike people who try to hard and refuse to take rebuttals
i just pray you don't push me to do something stupid or
say something extrimily rude.
i'm really trying to be nice and smile
but you are pushing me to the wall, young man!

Life (as I know it)

why is it that most often than naught the stuff you preach about and condemn are the things that always come back to haunt you?
why is it that we fall for things when we really know better?
why do we still make the same mistakes we see others make and cry about?
is it because we need to make our own mistakes or is it because we are just plain stupid??!
its always easy to judge people and even condemn them but when we do similar stuff we justify and rationalize our motives.
why are things never black or white? we always seem to be somewhere in between... grey to be precise!
it is said that we can never truly understand someone's pain until we've been through the exact or similar situation.
is it really better to love and lose love than not loving at all?
why do people never take an outright no? instead they keep hoping and bugging one in an attempt to wear down one's resolve
why am i stuck in the middle?
why do i dislike so many and truly love a few?
why am i the way i am?
why do i do the things i do?
i am certain of this though, that there is still hope!