Friday, 25 April 2014

14for14: Common Sense Wahala

He says he is stubborn but I say I'm strong willed.
He says he likes me but I say I love me
He thinks I'm a fool to throw it all away but I know I'll be the fool if I stay
The thing is... 
Gone are the days when feelings and emotions were enough to go by.
The world has evolved and I'm learning to grow with it too!
For everywhere I go, I have to carry  these three; my 'Bestie', my brain and "common sense" along
or else
this heart of mine would just put me for wahala!

Guess what else is reiterating the importance of common sense to me? (*side eye* why did you just continue reading without attempting to guess :(! ) Well... its my new Loofah Scrub o!

I was shocked to read the side note at the back just after the instructions on how to use it.
"...As always, use common sense and be gentle with yourself and your body."
Funny right? but nevertheless profound. It really cracked me up. Made me remember primary school days where every reference to 'common sense' had an underlying insult or wise crack. 'Don't you have any common sense?' 'Where is your common sense? (usually followed by the statement 'Use your Initiative')' 'Stop hailing him, its just common sense applied' 'Common sense is obviously not common in your case' 

It appears the only time we are allowed to be 'stupid' and ignore common sense is when it comes to love however it may be temporal.

Anyways I have a question for you?

I soooo love 'em and have been getting a lot of late. Remember I mentioned my valentine one here.
*wide grin* Testimony time *dances forward*

I won a month free of premuim plus on Iroko Tv. I dunno how I got picked, just got a call. Ermm scrap that I think its in conjunction with Swift (the internet provider I use). Not sure if it was a random select or if they were just appreciating faithful customers. Anyways I think it's a great marketing gimmick on IrokoTv's part cos prior to winning this, I never would have thought about subscribing to watch new Nigerian movies online. The truth is that I'm not a Naija movie person except the really good ones cos I have a low tolerance for Iranu a.k.a Banality. But seeing as I cannot let my Awoof go to waste I watched Flower girl yesterday and I plan on seeing Anchor baby when next I'm idle. So fingers crossed on if I'll renew afterwards especially since it is relatively cheap (500 for a month, 1k for 3 months and 2k for a year).
Ciao Amigos!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 (ESV)

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. James 1:5 (ESV)


Thursday, 17 April 2014

To cut the long story... short

Lets divide it into 3 things

#1. Orange Boots!!

So after 20+ years of receiving the white man's formal education (that is minus the years spent in playgroup/preschool), I am now serving my nation! Now you know why I got darker. The sun at the orientation camp was something else. The experience was better than I had anticipated (had heard some really nasty stories o! A friend of mine kept begging me to buy black  nylons for "short putting"). Camp was alright. Still plenty room for improvement. Meet some really amazing people there that I plan on keeping in touch with. Dodged afternoon drills (for info on how to do same like a boss send me a private message *classified info* lol). Sampled a whole lot of crap food at the Maami market and came to the conclusion that every food isn't for this geh. No be by force! You guys already know that I didn't march or join the parade #notmystyle. I surprised myself and joined the drama group (I was behind the scenes though :)!) and represented my platoon in something. Reconnected with some childhood sweethearts (my primary school bestie was my bunk-mate). Anyways that's all on camp gist. Too many things happened. I'm to tired to type and I love you too much so I won't bore you with details.

#2. What do teachers wear nowadays?

So I have been posted to an All girls Junior High School not to far from where I live and I'm teaching Fine art. Pretty Amazing right? God really loves me and works everything out for my good *wide grin*.

Wondering why I am happy about it?
Well, its an ALL GIRLS school... so there will be no cheeky and mischievous boys in my classroom to make me shout. Don't get it wrong, I love boys n'all buh we all know that

 Adolescent male species = T.R.O.U.B.L.E!!

Secondly, Its junior high a.k.a easier work load and you already know how much I love Art (was my best subject back in school) so all round Yaay!!

FYI: I didn't 'work' or influence my posting to the school. Its a public school owned by the State Government so there will be no Ajebo kids bringing birthday cakes *sobs*. So back to my initial question... what do teachers wear nowadays? A friend was teasing me today that the kids will think I am one of them when I enter the class cos I look young. I'm not sure what that means sef? buh it's made me erase all thoughts of being "natural" and weaving my real hair though. lol! What I know is that I do not have  the time or patience for skirt suits which I remember my school teachers used to wear in those days :|

#3. my Blog beefers who camouflage as my friends!

U guys should mind yourselves o! That is how one of them sent me an IM after my last blog post to ask why I have suddenly become very racist and that there is nothing wrong in me becoming black or getting darker! Can you imagine??! When people that love me have been concerned and are offering unsolicited advice on how I should use natural carrot or is it papaya soap, exfoliating scrubs or infact bleaching cream to regain my colour. Although I doubt the bleaching cream advice person loves me sha *side eye*! She is a meanie buh I forgive her but as for those who want me darker God is watching you o!
Then someone said I should consider writing on food only for my 14 for 14 series as most of my posts are on food. *Yimu* They will be pretending as if they don't like food. #Na big lie. 
Lemme just catch the both of you sha!

Now thanks be to God, which always causes us to triumph in Christ, and makes manifest the aroma of his knowledge by us in every place.
2 Cor 2:14 (AKJV)


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lagos what did i MISS?

It's good to be back home. Missed Blogville especially my blog readers!

I have never really been a fan of tanning (I'm Nigerian so what did you expect??! lol) but I got one involuntarily :'(! I got back several shades darker. I didn't realize how bad it was until a few days ago, while having a conversation on different powder tones, someone said a friend of mine (who is 'black' in my opinion) was lighter than me! Yepa! You can imagine the shock on my face.  I've been consoling myself that my real colour will soon return. Una join me in praying oo!

Would have posted a selfie so you guys could do the judging... but I'm scared as in really scared to do that. I don't wanna be labelled someone with a mental disorder!  Read a funny article about it today... something about the American Psychiatric Association classifying selfies (or the need to take them) as mental disorder. Apparently it's a hoax (a.k.a Na Lie!) you could read Myne's article on it here.

I'll be back with proper gist/blog post soonest. Still catching up on all the things that happened in my absence. Thanks everyone for being patient with me, for checking up on me (I got some lovely emails) and to my dearest new followers. I really appreciate you guys **hugs&kisses**

"You are beautiful in every way, my true love. There is no blemish on you."
SOS 4:7 (GWT)