Monday, 30 May 2011

My Wet Shoes!!

This was drawn by one of my art students :)

Do you know what it means to suffer and smile? I do. I had a very important meeting today. I set out early and half way into the journey, rain started falling. make no mistake, it wasn't Ajebutter rain o! it was a serious downpour. so now I'm at the  office, sitting down quietly in my wet shoes waiting for the manager to arrive. I dare not remove my shoes because of the "stench" i might unleash and secondly because of the fear of not being taken serious or that I'll just be the girl that has no shoes on. So my wet shoes are staying on as a symbol of my resolve to smile and be of good cheer even in unpleasant situations.

(hope I don't get cold feet on this matter;)!!)

yours sincerely,

Thursday, 26 May 2011

ViRuS aLeRt!!!

Have you heard the noise karpesky antivirus makes when it discovers a virus, trojan or any suspicious threat on a pc? i don't even know how to describe the sound. its an awful attention-getting "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk"... sound. and it shrieks everytime it finds a virus. Recently, i collected a flash drive from a dude in class and as an afterthought i scanned it. guess how many viruses were in it? 102!!! (my karpesky even got tired of screaming;)!) i have never ever seen that amount of threats on a 'baby' 2gb flash drive. You should have seen me thanking God for little mercies. what if i hadn't scanned it and it had crashed my p.c? 

Anyways, it got me thinking... i'm kinda like my p.c. I've got an owner and He has stored sooo much files and resources in me. He has also invested alot of money pimping and upgrading me. He has even given me a new batttery (meek heart). if i don't take time to scan all the flash drives of this world in form of movies, music, books, friends etc. before giving them access, i'll be endangering myself or i might even 'crash' in the process and that will make my owner sad and dissappointed.


"keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.(Prov 4:23)."

yours sincerely,

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

i slept in class today!!

 Guess who woke me up? yes my lecturer did. i was really tired. i'd been working on my project all night. my eyes had been giving me warning signs all day but i ignored them. i was trying to prove a point that I was still the "big boss" and that i won't let two little eyes control or influence my decision.
hahaha! if only i had listened to them. my eyes have been working double shifts for weeks now and as my project defence date draws nearer the intensity increases.
So in the middle of my professional practice class instead of learning how to charge clients for services rendered, i was caught sleeping. the worst time to sleep! my eyes should have taken a break earlier today instead when i had to watch  a boring documentary...

Anyways, i'll make them pay this night! i have a long overdue assignment to submit tomorrow *wink*!!

yours sincerely,

my brodas day!!

So yesterday was my brother's birthday and my mom came to see us in school. she brought along a surprise gift; my Grandma!! you should have seen my brother's excitement immediately he saw her. For my Grandma is one of our favorite people in the whole wide world. She always has a story to share or something to give (yesterday she had sweets :)!)
Anyways, my 78year old Granny came all the way to grace the occassion. The party started and ended in the car ;) with the boot as the serving point. we had soooo much fun eating and laughing. best "small" party of all time!!!

just wanted 2 make you jealous...:)!!

For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry he fills with good things. Ps. 107:7

yours sincerly,
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Sunday, 15 May 2011

my 'celeb' visitors

I felt very special on this particular day. Very important visitors came to see me. Five celebs came all the way just to see me. They came with two bodyguards each. Not for security reasons but out of necessity. They needed bodyguards to help ward off pests and peeps that “tick” them off. I made sure I took pictures to prove to all you doubting Thomases…

Can you identify the bodyguards? I circled some of them just in case you didn’t.
And yes!! We had Item #7…
Don’t be jealous!! I was just privileged to entertain them and take pictures from a vantage point in my room ;)!


“Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me”.
Rev 3:20 (ASV)

Yours sincerely,
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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The story of my precious toe

Nobody told me how important the toe was to my whole body and sanity. I had always looked down on it and neglected it. The only time I remembered to take care of it was the occasional change of nail polish and even then I still neglected it, allowing my toes to be seen in public with ugly and semi peeled nail enamels.

Anyways, now I know better but I learnt the hard way. Last year I had a surgery on my toe to remove a growth and that was the turning point. It wasn’t a serious growth in fact it was just a little bit bigger than a pimple but it used to pain me once in awhile so I wanted it off. I went for an x-ray and it revealed that it was just excess tissues or something of that sort. The guy that attended to me kept asking me why I wanted to remove it but all his attempts to make me see reason fell on deaf ears. If only I had known better for I was made to believe that it was a simple procedure just like cutting or biting my nails off.
I was awake during the surgery. My curiosity was stronger than the anesthetic I was given. It was like watching a bloody movie except I had to watch it lying facing up. After the surgery, I walked to my ward as if nothing had happened except the bandage on my leg said otherwise. It wasn’t until later that night when all the medications and pain relievers had worn off that my troubles began. Irrespective of the fact that I was placed on daily antibiotics my toe was still infected. This forced me to graduate from daily drugs to daily injections.
I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and when I don’t sleep the whole house can’t sleep. (In fact you could identify my whole family by our red eyes!). I dreaded my daily dressing and cleaning the most. For that was when the ‘cry baby’ in me was unleashed. There was no forming or ajebutter. I cried and screamed so much that the tears in my eyes practically finished. I had to resume school several weeks late and with an obvious limp. I had to miss out on all the fun, couldn’t go out and anytime I did I got tired of people telling me sorry as if I was crippled or something. All because of one seemly small little toe I stopped sleeping, added so much weight from sitting down too much and had to copy so much lecture notes. The nurse later explained to me that it’s the tiny members of the body that can cause havoc when seriously bruised and that is why people almost run mad because of toothaches and that fingers/ toes are just as painful.
Now I know better and I have a scar to show for it! So if you see me on the road with a helmet, padded chest protector, elbow and knee guards and my sturdy boots you will know the reason why! But seriously I now value little things because they matter the most…

“What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?” Psalm 8:4

                                                          yours sincerely,

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A lesson learnt

I have always been troublesome. I can't remember exactly what I did this time to Tade but he turned to me and said "your mother is a prostitute" as a result of my latest trouble making. This happened in those days when 'waka' and 'your mother' were heavy insults to receive. Heads turned to my direction, the whole class awaited my reaction.
but to the surprise of everyone, I smiled and just said to him "you'll see" but  in my heart, I was nursing a victorious comeback.
For you see, the very next day was visiting day and my mother was sure to come.
During night prep, i let the cat out of the bag! you should have seen how Tade begged me. It felt good to have so much power. A "whole" Tade was kneeling down to beg me. 
I was adamant. Standing tall with a wicked grin looking forward to the next day.
Saturday finally came. I ran to hug my mother and almost pushed her down in the process. After the customary greetings and how about aunty this and uncle that.
I told her with a straight face what my classmate had said. I sat still, anticipating the talk my mother was going to have with either the principal, my class teacher or at least Tade.
I got the greatest ela ojuko **one eye covered**,
when she simply asked me, "Am I a prostitute?"
and I answered, " No, Mummy"
and then she asked as a matter of fact, "then why are we having this discussion?"

My face turned as red as my black skin could allow.
What was i going to tell my friends? How was I going to face Tade after all my bragging?

That day, my mother taught me two of life's greatest lessons. My identity is not based on people's opinion or some shallow Jss3 boy's words and secondly there are some things not worth fighting for.


"You are the most excellent of men
and your lips anointed with grace, since God has blessed you forever."
Ps. 45:2 (NIV)

yours sincerly,

my snake reminder

I saw a snake last night
It was just beside my room
Funnily i didn't give in to hysteria
I simply bolted my door and windows
And let sleep take me to dreamland
A place where everything is a figment of my imagination

I can't really explain why I didn't scream
It was a real snake, of that i'm very sure
A friend and I saw it move
Before she made a run for her room
I said a simple prayer for protection of all
Knowing fully well that God hears and answers

There's a peace that comes from knowing God
and understanding his nature and capabilities
Yesterday was just a reminder of His promise
No matter what life brings my way
A snake, a mad cow or even an Alien
No harm is permitted to befall me

(N.B : this happened on the 29th of April in school.)
yours sincerely,