Friday, 6 January 2012

In Pursuiit of Fitness

So one of my goals this year is to be fitter and healthier.

I saw this poem by Susan Lenzkes (2006)

"Lord, what have I gained
if I eat wisely and well but neglect to dine at your table;
if i work out faithfully
while failing to excercise love;
if i give myself to the pursuit of fitness
yet am not fit for Your Kingdom?
Earthly disciplines fortify
the body for a lifetime.
Heavenly disciplines strenghten
the soul for an eternity."

and reading it has made me really think deeply and review that goal. What will it profit Cee to be physically fit and healthy but have spiritual kwashiorkor??! Heaven forbid! So with my healthy meals and work out plan I must most importantly remember my spiritual wellbeing too.

Yours sincerely,



  1. It's so easy to be preoccupied with keeping fit health wise and physically and forget the most important of them all which is the spiritual aspect. I'm copying this poem and pasting it in my room as a constant reminder. Thanks for permitting me. :-)

  2. Hmm Interesting, Pursuit of Fitness !!

  3. @ Che: *laughs* you are always welcome to copy and paste anytime :)!

    @ fitness freak: thanks for stopping by

    @ Joys: *blushing* thanks boo :*!

  4. Me too! we're on the same quest O! LOL I finally put all the pictures from the event, check them out at

  5. Yay! its nice to know i have a partner on this quest and i'll check them out now. Thank you:)!