Tuesday, 17 May 2011

i slept in class today!!

 Guess who woke me up? yes my lecturer did. i was really tired. i'd been working on my project all night. my eyes had been giving me warning signs all day but i ignored them. i was trying to prove a point that I was still the "big boss" and that i won't let two little eyes control or influence my decision.
hahaha! if only i had listened to them. my eyes have been working double shifts for weeks now and as my project defence date draws nearer the intensity increases.
So in the middle of my professional practice class instead of learning how to charge clients for services rendered, i was caught sleeping. the worst time to sleep! my eyes should have taken a break earlier today instead when i had to watch  a boring documentary...

Anyways, i'll make them pay this night! i have a long overdue assignment to submit tomorrow *wink*!!

yours sincerely,


  1. Arent u gonna have summer break? eeyah sowi sha :p

  2. thanx dear, i'll be ok:).Eventually i will... but till then its work time!

  3. eeya sowi.......in two months all will be said and done right?

  4. yep yep! That's right :)!!

  5. oh Lawd!!!! you did.lol....i did once...i was even snoring!

  6. Lmao... atleast i have a partner in crime ;)!!

  7. i feel your pain 2 dear....
    im also working on my final year project...
    its not beans o.
    it'll soon be over sha. jst hold on.