Saturday 26 March 2016


Happy Easter everyone :)!

So happy He's alive!
I'm alive!
...His munchkins can testify that nothing else matters :)!

Several songs on replay... United Pursuit's Hidden and Travis Greene's Made a way top the list at the moment.

"...I trust your heart and your intentions. Trust you completely! I'm listening intently..."

"Now we're here! Looking  back on where we come from.
Because of you and nothing we've got
To deserve the love and mercy you've shown..."

Truest Love 
You alone understand...
Thank you!!!

(Let's pretend I've been away for only a minute *winks*)


Thursday 31 December 2015

Guest Post by Coco

(FYI: Coco is an awesome friend of mine :*! You need to meet her to understand the word awesome though. hehehe!)

2015 Sign Out

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When a baby is born, its a new beginning.
JOY; the joy of bringing a child into this world. HOPE; the hope for a better life for your child. DREAM; even before it can say 'mama', you are building a dynasty in the Milky Way. CHANCE; A chance at making a difference in life through its eye_after all the wrong turns you made of yours...
That was me at the beginning of 2015. Joy, big hopes, big dreams, a great resolve for a better year...then life happened! 
Don't get me wrong, 2015 was not a let down. Seriously. I had some really great moments. Like hair grew longer, tried out some new food, I beat my record at Snakes (you know, that 2D game on Nokia 3310)...eerm, I grew my hair...(I think I said that before plus I'm quite sure thats supposed to happen naturally as the year goes by)... Errmm...what else...
Well, you get the picture. Nothing comes to mind now, but it was a good year.The best! Honestly! I bet you cant give me 5 awesome moments off the top of your head that can top these. *straight face*
Okay, this is starting to sound not very convincing... *aarrhhhggggg*

My point is; my greatest moments were the lessons learnt - The Learning Moments.
One of the biggest lesson I learnt this year is all summed up in what the Psalmist said in Psalm 127:1&2
"Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builder is wasted. Unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good."
"It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late st night, anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives REST to His beloved."

I learnt to fall in line with Gods plan.
While its good to plan, I have to come to realize that my life is not in my hands as it were, but in the hands of a mightier power. I have learned to align with His plan, however slow or 'not cool' it may be. 
Like how dissapointed I felt sometimes about the turn out in my career this year. In the midst of my brooding, I'm reminded that His plans and purpose for me are of good and not of evil. I instead fix my eyes on the benefits (opportunities) He loads me with everyday and find a reason to believe. I discovered another kind of investment according to Matthew 6:33 and then dived Into it. It may not yield any profit now pay for that waist trainer I've had eyes on, but I know He is not unfaithful to forget. Its going to pay off some day! Just ask the Cocoa farmer (have I lost you? Hmmmm).

I learnt discipline.
Yep, I did it! Lost over 10kg this year! Bammm! But this doesn't actually mean I am out of the 'red zone'. Still a work in progress. In this lesson, I learnt to look forward. I paint a mental picture of my goal and that drives me. 
Like the pictures I kept painting of myself in a red hawt dress and everyone staring at me in seismic astonishment! Chanting in total dis belief "Oh my God! You look different!" Turns out I didnt dream enough cause when my friends saw the new me , they were spewing phrases in French. Now I feel like I can do anything, as long as I want it bad!

I learnt not to worry but pray.
This was a battle. There was reality saying one thing, and there was the Word reminding me not to worry. I won sometimes _by refusing to worry_ but some other times, I let my fears have the better of me. I'm pretty sure this class would be carried over into the new year.

I learnt to make excuses.
Not for myself, I already have a degree in that. I learnt to make excuses for others. I have a friend (shout 'hallelujah' if you know its you) who has thought me so many things. One of them is to give excuses for people. The voice of reason if you like.
Like when she-who-must-not-be-named snapped at me. Or when I didn't get a response from a very important conversation. Or when I thought I should have been treated better because we go way back... "don't take it personal Darl, shes probably going through mid life crisis" "don't worry, I will not respond when he's asking me something" "who cares if she treated me like so. Her brow not even oflick sef"...
The point is, there is probably a thousand and one other things that could be going on with them. For all you know, Obama could have just un-followed them on Twitter "Don't take it personal" says the voice of reason.

I learnt to be happy.
I realized my happiness shouldn't be based on the big things alone. Being happy with the little things matter just as much. 
Like when I'm walking down the busy Lagos streets at night with my ears plugged while I listen to great rock music. 
Like when I try out a new recipe_the kind that I am too spent to eat_ and then everyone else's so happy eating. Or when I meet someone new and a new friendship blossoms. Or when I'm simply just being 'me'. So what if the big stuff didn't happen this year? I like to think I'm rehearsing for the big ones.

I learnt to be patient... scratch that.
I learnt to be positive.
I learnt not to dwell on my mistakes.
I learnt hard work never killed anyone.
I learnt to the shear butter aka Ori is just enough for your hair.
Very importantly, I learnt to be grateful.

Grateful for life. Grateful for health. Grateful for the roof over my head. Grateful for food on the table. Grateful for hair products. Grateful for friends... and new friends:
- For Al, I hate that she says better jokes than I do sometimes. 
- For Mr. Tart, I'm certain we will go a long way. 
- For my rich friend, she actually gave me 2 dresses for Christmas! You forgot to take out the prize tag though. Or maybe you did it on purpose cause you wanted me to see it. What!!? That could pay for someones house rent!This friend I'm going not letting go. My birthday is coming soon, btw. 
- For El, she's a friend with a story. I learn from her every time.
- For everyone at the fellowship group...
- For my smallies...and my baby!
- For all the other new friends that I cant begin to mention.
- For the old friends, I love you throway!
- For The-One-That-Got-Away. For your honesty, the way you made it easy for me to be myself around you, for the way you made me feel...I wish you got to know me more, then you would have known I am a fragile heart, then I wouldn't have to deal with all these emotions now that you are gone.
Enough mushiness.
Life happened in 2015 and I learned a lot and I have NO regrets. Wouldn't trade it for nothing. In all, I learnt to take responsibility of the outcome of my life.

Cheers to the battles, the huddles, the challenges, the mood swings, the bad hair days and all that the new year has to bring.
Bring it on, baby.
Huunh! (In Rick Ross' voice *or is it Ross's? English is so? over rated*)

Yours truly,

Tuesday 13 October 2015

He smells bad *covers eyes*

I could smell him literally as soon as I stepped into my street. I was so certain he had paid us another visit and it left a pungent distaste on my lips. 

No one really understood why I put up with his crap or deep down they did! He provided an essential service. Plus a gal can't be too picky especially as every Aunt reminded me that his specie is limited and 'all the same'.

I hate the fact that he can be smart a times and guess my needs accurately although always with an ulterior motive... Like a few months back when he bought a letter box for me and had it put in my front yard. Thoughtful you might say but not so as he had gotten tired of me denying receipt of his 'love letters' every month - bills!

Sigh! At the moment I'm walking briskly to my house, willing myself to forget him and not let his stench ruin my happy mood. For what can I do? The Lawma waste van would soon be back to collect my trash and everyone else.

Your garments are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia; Out of ivory palaces stringed instruments have made You glad. Psalm 45:8

With love,

Thursday 3 September 2015

Book shy or is it blog shy?

I'm officially Book shy! If you know me well you'll know I'm an unrepentant reader and my case got worse when I joined The Book Fountain Tea party because every month I get a free book once I attend the book club meeting but that's a story for another day.

I blame this "sudden" book shyness on all of you! If it's not the lady in the bus beside me craning her neck to see what I'm reading or the guys at work who won't let me be because of the titles of my books! Una what should man pikin do? Seriously considering wrapping my books #secondary school style ;)!

Anyways in other news... Guess who's birthday is around the corner? As in 3 days time! He has brought me from a mighty long way!

As I celebrate, it's a 3-in-1 something cos I'm celebrating...
1. My Life! 
As in... I recently read a story on Bella Naija about a lady born on the same day as Yours truly and it's caused me to reflect inwards. Plus some other mushy stuff!

2. My Work! I'm grateful for the wonderful job I get to do every morning plus all the volunteer work I'm privileged to be part of. 

3. My Professional Certification! So, part of the reason I've been MIA was exams. According to a friend of mine, after uni any exams u read for is like 'Adult Education' literally! (Check Out: Mind your Language TV series to understand my friend's Point )
I'm grateful that I passed in one seating and it's finally off my to do list.


with love,

Thursday 16 July 2015

Guilty con-con

In secondary school, it was called "guilty con-con"; the invasion of the guilty conscience on a person's mind/emotions causing one to be sober/behave sheepishly/rethink one's actions. Thought of this phrase some seconds ago and it made me laugh especially as it kinda shows how I feel.   

   I feel a little bit guilty... Cos  I left work earlier than closing time. In my defense I had finished all the work on my table and a tad over-excited about the extra long weekend. I blame the cleaner too because  he came to tell me how bad the traffic was outside. The next thing I knew it I found myself outside enroute home. 

Bought boiled groundnut for the road *winks* see picture below of what I did to it afterwards*wide grin* 

Yup! Put it on a tray as soon as I got home just to make sure I hadn't missed any and guess what? I found a few trying to hide and did justice to them *yimu*

Anyways what's your plan for the weekend? Mine is activity packed and I'm yet to decide if that's a yay or nay. 

Oh well! Still feel guilty and I think it's because I beat the traffic and got home some minutes before  6pm while it seems everyone else is either still at their office desk or just starting out on the traffic hussle home. But really should I? Shouldn't office hours be about how productive I am and not necessarily about the hours logged on the clock?

Have a wonderful weekend:)!

P.s: Too hungry to proofread atm

With love,

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Blog Anniversary??

Should I throw a virtual party? or do a giveaway to celebrate this special milestone? Well! Lemme confess... I honestly don't know the date I started this blog and ain't nobody got time to check my dashboard to find out the day I created the blog or at least check to see the date of when I posted my first blogpost. Oh well! A blog I follow celebrated her 5th blog anniversary in Oriental hotel in a big way yesterday... (Would update this post with her blog link and a link for pictures later).

I think I started blogging in 2011 so I'm about four years into this! Omg! If only I was serious o! Who knows what my account balance would have been *winks* 

This is just me musing out loud... Lol! Hope you enjoy this new week especially Friday's public holiday that's if you work with Lagos State Government!!! Nobody really gets why we have "so many" public holidays but if you've done the Lagos commute to work everyday of the month you definitely need a day off as a reward :)! For the first time I miss working in the government school as a Corper because Friday would have been a laid-back home-chilling day! Oh well!

P.S: This post was written on Monday and I still dunno how I forgot to post it then *scratches head* Would be back soon with more gist :)...

With Love,

Sunday 3 May 2015

Village matters

Hi people, so this post has been in my head, heart and mind for over a week. The good news is that It finally found its way to the blog ;) 

I went to a village in Epe area of Lagos as part of the World Malaria day campaign with Slum2school. I learnt some things that day...

1. Contentment: there will always be a village with more amenities and people than yours so calm down enjoys yours.

2. The people in the village rarely fall sick contrary to popular belief especially when you see the conditions in which they live in. Our guide/ interpreter for that day attributes this fact to all the fresh foods they eat. 

See my village native beans... Not the usual bland brown. Lol

And my personal stash of eastern Mangoes... Remember how I was wishing someone would travel eastward and buy it for me? I got my desire *whoop whoop* (ermm I have actually finished it sef)

"...who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's." Psalm 103:5 (NIV)

With Love,