Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Blog Anniversary??

Should I throw a virtual party? or do a giveaway to celebrate this special milestone? Well! Lemme confess... I honestly don't know the date I started this blog and ain't nobody got time to check my dashboard to find out the day I created the blog or at least check to see the date of when I posted my first blogpost. Oh well! A blog I follow celebrated her 5th blog anniversary in Oriental hotel in a big way yesterday... (Would update this post with her blog link and a link for pictures later).

I think I started blogging in 2011 so I'm about four years into this! Omg! If only I was serious o! Who knows what my account balance would have been *winks* 

This is just me musing out loud... Lol! Hope you enjoy this new week especially Friday's public holiday that's if you work with Lagos State Government!!! Nobody really gets why we have "so many" public holidays but if you've done the Lagos commute to work everyday of the month you definitely need a day off as a reward :)! For the first time I miss working in the government school as a Corper because Friday would have been a laid-back home-chilling day! Oh well!

P.S: This post was written on Monday and I still dunno how I forgot to post it then *scratches head* Would be back soon with more gist :)...

With Love,