Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Past 3 months

I’m so so so sorry for the long leave of Absence.
A lot has happened in this past months. I have cried…two very important female generals of the Faith. Women of God; who I have come to admire and respect went to meet with their Maker.
And I have laughed… Taju! My ATF crew! I coordinated summer camp this year and the kids kept us totally entertained and on our toes. I have also become a certified chef (Lol!!) but seriously I must have cooked more meals these three months than I have done in my entire life.
I have been sad… I got some rather shocking and disturbing news. I’m just getting over it. I have also learnt the meaning of sacrifice… in fact I’m still learning it.
I made some new amazing friends! Some were brand new from the friendship market (Lol!). They include most of my ATF crew and some were old ones who have been recycled to become very cherished and dear to my heart.
I have learnt how to organize and improvise. I attended a 3-day project management training and its effects are still speaking. Along with that I also learnt to accept disappointments like a Man… I applied for some other workshops and didn’t get a reply.
In this past months, God has been indeed faithful and full of tender mercies as I have leaned heavily on His support and love of my family.
I became a year older at the beginning of this month. I had a little get together to celebrate and a little Keke-napep field trip with Og and Nuella (you can read her funny version of it click here)
In these months, I was scolded and made to feel like a toddler with no idea of the future and sadly I had become too busy, neglecting important things including my blog (I’m truly sorry and promise to be a better blogger).
And most importantly, I have learnt to love ‘In spite of’ and ‘despite of’ and not just ‘because of’…just like my Father God.
All in all, three months have come and gone but my testimony is sure.

“But I thank God, who always leads me in victory because of Christ. Wherever I go, God uses me to make clear what it mean to know Christ. It’s like a fragrance that fills the air.”
2 Corinthians 2:14, GW (paraphrased)

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