Saturday, 24 December 2011


Sharrap!  Followed by incessant cursing and a cry for help in a language that sounded like Hausa, was what woke Lola up at 2am one morning. Fear gripped her as she quickly got out of bed to find out what the racquet was all about. Her first thought was to call someone but the question was who? The Police??There really wasn’t any point. The Nigerian police is still a major work in progress. Her parents? They lived on the other side of town and it didn’t seem fair to get them worked up at 2am. Deji? Her boyfriend of six months was too unpredictable especially when she was concerned and she was safer without him in the picture. So that left her alone. She moved to the front window and got the shocker of her life. There was a rapidly increasing mob gathering just in front of her house. She had to consciously breathe in and out. To make matters worse, she suddenly realized her gate was left ajar. Thoughts started racing within her head. Anyone could walk right through, break down her door and attack her in minutes.
She stilled her mind and started recapping the events of the previous night. Deji had come over for some drinks and their ‘quality time’ as he liked to say. He finally left by 10:30pm. She had escorted him to his car, kissed him goodnight and had locked her gate herself when attempts to find Ali, the security man proved futile. Knowing Ali, she just assumed he was somewhere at the back of the house, cooking or chasing a rat which was his most recent passion. She had then entered her apartment and locked her doors before retiring to bed, with no signs of mayhem in the atmosphere.
So why were they beating up a young man in front of her house and why were people gathering to watch without putting a stop to it. She spotted a few familiar faces and then she wasn’t so scared anymore. The man in the flat at the back, Simeon was there, now she understood why her gate was open. Even Laide her neighbor was present. On a closer look, she realized her whole neighborhood had gathered because of the racket. Knowing her personal strengths and limitations of which public confrontations wasn’t one of them. She took one more glance and assessed the scenario in front of her. She had to be at work by 7:00am so she needed at least an additional hour of sleep before running out in order to beat Lagos traffic.
Exactly an hour later, Lola was again forced to wake up but his time someone tapped her. She looked at him and was so sure she was dreaming that she put covers back up again and attempted to go back to sleep. The intruder gave her a slap across the face that ascertain all her doubts and drove every iota of sleep from her mind and eyes. This was real and he wasn’t alone, there were six of them she realized and they weren’t smiling. At first, she didn’t understand what he was saying because of his strong Hausa accent. It was weird how he was supposedly speaking English but all she could hear was Hausa. One of the other guys brought out a knife and started shouting that she should bring out the flash drive. A startled Lola attempted explaining to the man that she had no idea of what he was talking about but it fell on deaf ears, as the others started ransacking her house. What surprised her even more was their disinterest in her phones, jewelry and other valuables. The search was very disturbing and sickening for Lola especially since her underwear closet wasn’t spared. After an hour of searching and still nothing, the man who appeared to be the boss turned to her and said “Tell that your black man friend that if he loves his life, he should destroy that flash with no leakage.”  As the men turned to leave, one of them knocked off her picture frame with a recent picture of Deji and her at the beach. The man turned to her and said tell this your friend that he is playing with fire o! You are a good woman that’s why we no go touch you but warn am o!” after saying this they left.
Unknown to her that night was just the beginning. So a seriously frazzled Lola who was too scared to even process her thoughts started tidying up her house or at least restore a bit of sanity to the chaos. Oh boy! She was glad to find her laptop untouched exactly where she had left it on her desk. She was grateful to God for that cause her work and life was her system.
Lola being the only child of two professors was given to process and analyze data before making any assertions. So at work that day, everyone kept wondering why she was so quiet and reserved. She just buried herself in her work and plastered a smile when approached. A lingering thought in her mind was what was could be on that flash drive? And what was Deji’s involvement in the whole mess. Her initial thought was to go to his house and demand for answers but on a second thought she drove down to the University of Lagos. On seeing her daughter, Prof. Ireti Ade knew something was wrong. She quickly got up and locked the door before embracing her. Just like a child, a weeping Lola broke down and began to recount that morning’s ordeal. Her mother would hear none of it, Lola was to go to her apartment, pack her bags and come home with her. Prof. had never understood this independence young people of nowadays craved and made much noise about. If it had been entirely up to her, Lola would never have left home in the first place.
After a week of staying at her parents’ home, Lola came back to her apartment to get some documents, and start cleaning up in preparation for her homecoming. She had every intention of moving back by the weekend but she knew her mother wouldn’t approve and her father would be worried so she was still plotting her coup secretly. She had already gotten a welder to install burglary proof bar around the apartment. Her talks with Deji had suddenly become infrequent and always left her more confused than before. He kept asking when she was moving back to her apartment and that he won’t be able to visit till then. So here she was back at her apartment, trying to dust her furniture, who knew that six days was enough to gather a dust pile? It was harmattan season so it was understandable. In an attempt to properly clean the center table in the living room, she removed the fancy bowl of marbles and was about to drop it when she tripped on the rug and fell down. As the marbles tumbled in different directions, she noticed a queer looking object on the floor. On close examination she realized it was a flash drive. Now a few things were starting to make sense to her, so the Hausa guys were right in looking for it here? But how did it get here? Oh no! Deji, she thought. She remembered the night before the break in; he had kept fiddling with the marbles so he must have dropped the flash then. For lack of anywhere better or safer, Lola kept the funny looking flash in her shoes. It was in the process of bending that she noticed that someone had recently attempted forcing her door open with a crow bar.
This wasn’t the time to ask why but time to figure a way out. She no longer trusted Deji so going to meet him wasn’t an option. As she left her apartment with her documents and important belongings in tow, her next door neighbor called her name. She wasn’t really in the mood for pleasantries but obliged him. He seemed genuinely concerned about her welfare and being a very good tale bearer he updated her on all the latest happenings. From his conversation, she gleaned that Deji had been there twice during the week and some Hausa men too but no one had visited after the burglary proof bars had been installed. He also told her the reason why the neighborhood gathered to beat up that man the night before the break in. The man had been caught trying to jump over the fence. They had to flog and threaten to kill him before he made a confession; he had been sent to simply survey the house and report back. Being an illiterate the man could provide elaborate details on the people that sent him but he was now under police custody.
On getting to her parents house, Lola practically ran to the computer in the living room, she had to know what was on the flash drive. What she found left her speechless. It was a ledger of some sorts. It held all the details of various drug deals which included money running into millions, various bank accounts and names. No wonder securing the flash was a big deal. Now she needed a plan! After weighing the risks and consequences, she decided not to involve her family. Thank God her parents weren’t home yet, that gave her ample time to scan through the files. She immediately printed out a duplicate of everything which was a lot of pages, almost like one of her university law texts. She was about putting it in a manila envelope when something caught her eye. It was a name, not just any name it was Deji’s. Now she was utterly confused. Prior to this, she had secretly painted a picture where Deji was the good guy who had gotten the flash from as an undercover agent in order to report to the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) so that justice will be served. Her heart had prayed it to be true but what she was holding told her otherwise.
What she did next was stupid but her heart was stubborn and desperately wanted Deji to tell her otherwise. One thing she knew about love it kept on believing. So she called him one last time. As the conversation went on she knew it was over between them. When she told him she had found the flash. He became sad. He told her it hadn’t gone according to plan. This was the big break he had been talking about for weeks. He had planned on using the flash to blackmail the god fathers behind the drug deals to pay for his silence. He had had big plans for them. They would have travelled out to start a new life after the cash in. They wouldn’t have lacked anything. He then told her to be careful because they won’t agree to go down without a fight.
On second thought she needed back up. She quickly put a copy of the files with a short letter explaining everything under her father’s pillow. The second copy in an envelope addressed to the NDLEA boss marked URGENT!! Because it was a matter of extreme delicacy due to the high profile individuals involved, she had to tread carefully. She scanned through the documents and selected the vital but less messy details and emailed it to the press. She then went ahead to post some anonymously on the web. Her greatest fear wasn’t her safety but the possibility of this crime being buried just like so many high profile Nigerian crimes.
Oh No! She had forgotten her address book in the office. Most of her friends thought it odd that she still bothered to write and keep a hard bound book with the invention of smart phones and PCs. They kept reminding her that it was the 21st century where everything was in e-form. For her it was a personal choice and she would rather not be at the mercy of any virus scare or theft. She got into her car and started heading to her office to retrieve it. As she approached the third mainland bridge she looked at her rearview mirror and noticed that two black cars were following her. She had noticed them earlier and had taken a detour in an attempt to lose them and hadn’t seen them since and had applauded herself for successfully losing them. But now they had reappeared and that only meant TROUBLE! One of tried overtaking her but she had outwitted him by diverting into the other lane and stepping on the accelerator. They kept racing and chasing till they got to the end of the bridge. She was still thinking of how she was going to maneuver them when all of a sudden a black van just swerved and came to a halt just in front of her SUV making it impossible for her to go forward.
She immediately locked her doors and called her father. She quickly narrated what had happened and attempted describing where she was presently. Just then some men approached her car. They started hitting the car and commanding her to open the door because she was outnumbered. When they realized she wasn’t budging they brought out their guns and began shooting at the rear windshield. Lola was scared to her teeth. She kept wondering if this was how she was going to end her life. The next thing she heard was a loud gunshot and she passed out.
She was awoken by the rotten stench of dead rats. She was in a somewhat abandoned car warehouse surrounded by a lot of men. Angry men she observed. Immediately one came forward, she recognized him from the papers; he was Chief Adetola, a prominent man in the oil and gas sector. He started talking to her; at first she couldn’t hear a thing because of her throbbing headache. He was asking her to tell him what she had done with the documents on the flash drive and that he wasn’t in the mood to play games. So she told him excluding some details like the one she left for her father. She recognized a few more high profile figures amidst the crowd. After she finished talking, he heaved a deep sigh and beckoned for some men to take her away. As they carried her she heard him tell the other men that this was a calamity and they had to act fast.
The next three days, went by in a blur. She had only been maltreated on the first night. Since then it seem as if they were awaiting their fate before deciding hers. She hadn’t left the room in the three days. There was a bucket at the corner for her necessities. She sat, slept and lived on the floor. Apart from once when another Chief had come to ask her the name of the specific media houses she had sent the documents too, her only visitor was a little boy, Dauda, who came to give her Agege bread, water and empty her “potty” daily. Since all she had to do was to stare at the boring ceiling, she slept a lot instead. She imagined it to be her much needed vacation but instead of Staten Island it was a more ‘modest’ Island of Nowhere.
She was woken up that afternoon by voices. Suddenly the door was opened and police men marched in symbolizing her freedom. She was going home, they said. Apparently her father had taken the documents himself to NDLEA and then the police. A search party had been sent to look for her. He had come to her rescue. She had always known he would because that’s what fathers do best; they save their little girls no matter what.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I have a Confession...

Okay! So my action story is taking longer than I initially conceived... In an attempt to buy time and not leave my blog fallow I have decided to post a short story. Hopefully my action story will be out before the month/year runs out. Enjoy reading!

My Grandma used to make me chant,
"Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me".

Anytime I remember this, I hiss angrily at the waste of time that was. Precious time I could have invested playing with my dolls, painting or even working on my math, at least it might have paid off and I'd have gotten a B instead of the constant C's and D's.
You see, I've always hated it when people talk or say bad stuff about me. (Yes I know everybody hates it but I guess I hate it even more). I am the second of four girls, so I'm kinda used to being insignificant especially since my younger sisters are annoying twins who have been deceived by my parents and older sister into believing that the world revolves around them. Being the middle child literally means I'm stuck with all the terrible chores especially babysitting.
I had been looking forward to senior High for forever because I was moving into boarding house. Atlast my first taste of independence and hopefully love. I'm a die-hard romantic but my parents ridiculous 'house laws' plus my babysitting schedule had not allowed me explore my options. I was finally going to have my prince charming, evening love walks and all the bliss that comes with being in love.
Unfortunately, school wasn't very much different from home. Anyways, I had experience in the 'coping' department so I blended in well. Until one faithful thursday afternoon, when everyting changed or so it seemed at that time. I had come too early for afternoon prep, when I noticed a little blue piece of paper inside my wooden locker. My 'skeptical' self felt it was either a practical joke or just an 'innocent' lettter but my heart hoped for more and it got it's desire. I can still remember what was written as if it was only yesterday. The note simply read...

And that was just the begining of my daily afternoon prep 'notes'. I tried so many times to find or better still catch my admirer red-handed. No matter how early I came to class or how late I left for siesta, my admirer was always smarter. For two whole weeks I felt cherised and loved. You can't imagine how excited I got everytime I saw any guy whose name began with T. After all my research work, I narrowed the list to Tunde, Tolu, Tunji, Tade and Tayo, who became victims of my constant stares and blushes. I kept trying to make eye contact with the hope of finding which of them was my special admirer. Infact I was walking on cloud nine until the unimaginable happened. I came to class and as usual quietly slipped my hand under my locker to retrieve my customary blue note but this time the message was different. It simply read

I couldn't stop the tears even though I tried so hard. Suddenly everyting made perfect sense. All those snickering and giggling everytime I passed a red house dorm or the 'knowing' glances that they exchanged in the hallways, it now fitted perfectly well into the Jigsaw puzzle.
 The final blow came later that day. I was walking to the dining hall when I overheard a group of red house girls talking. At first I didn't recognise them or the hot gist they were engrossed in. Realization finally dawned and I recognized my so-called 'friend' Ade was main the storyteller resashing my terrible ordeal with graphic and over exaggerated details.
What she said that hurt me the most and still haunts me till this day, mere words you might say, was when she said 'I don't know why Daisy deceives herself as if her tribal marks are not enough to disqualify her from ever being classified beautiful.
For two weeks. I had been the object of ridicle infact the 'scape goat' as Dbanj would say. Yes! I know they were just mere words, some written and some said out loud. Mere words that did much more than just hurt me. They simply scarred my entire existence and shredded what was left of my self image...

Yours Sincerely,


Sunday, 6 November 2011

>>>>Recent trend

  Hiya! So it has come to my notice that my wonderful blog readers (you included) have stopped commenting on my posts. You just read and then leave without even a word or phrase *sobs*. It's not fair o! especially those of you who subscribe via email... I'm honoured that you read my posts and subcribe to it but i also loooove reading your comments too.
 Cant count how many people have told me sorry about the sudden demise of my friend (from my last post) that i have started feeling bad for not being clear... I lost my friend due to irreconcilable differences and not death.
Oh! By the way, I've accepted a challenge from a fellow blogger to write an action story. For those of you that know me, you are aware of my aversion for action movies, novels and stories... So this is a Big deal for me! Keep your fingers crossed...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A sad occurence

I just realised that I lost a friend yesterday. An important friend. Still confused, wondering what went wrong... Quite sad about it. Its a new experience for me, I must confess but I'm learning that bad things happen. So just like any financial investment gone bad, I am cutting back, calculating my losses and moving on.

"Overlook an offense and bond a friendship; fasten on to a slight and -good-bye,friend!" (Proverbs 17:9,TM)

Yours sincerly,

Sunday, 16 October 2011

long time no blog...

So much has happened since my last update o! I did some volunteer work teaching primary school kids, attended a leadership and performance academy, celebrated my 'big' bday party and most importantly resumed school for the second lap. Don't even know where to start cos so much has happened; too many events attended and so many new acquaintances. I've also learn't to trust God more than ever before.
 School is great! Although I'm still getting accustomed to my classes and busy schedule. A part of me longs to go back home and probably do my NYSC instead.. miss my family *sobs* but its all part of growing up right??! So right now I'm learning to be content and enjoy everyday :)!

yours sincerely,

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

hAir DilEmMa

So today when my Dad who studied economics came home, i simply announced that i had finally taken my weave out. Trust me, i was simply trying to make conversation and inform him about my day. I was simply expecting "oh thats good dear" or "thats nice to hear" or the usual "leave joor! what's on your mind is definetly not what's on mine:)!" So you can imagine how surprised i felt when my dad of twenty something years turned to me and said "That's a social good news and  financial bad news". Then my both parents started laughing and naturally i had to join in the laughter. I just couldn't let it go so i began probing him to find out what he meant about my hair being a social good news. Ofcourse i understood the part about financial bad news because he knew i would soon be knocking on his door asking for money for my new hairdo. But social good news?! my own humble hair? i had to find out what he meant o! did my own father believe that my hair was an eyesore especially in social settings and the change perceived as a good news? had he been looking forward to this day since and hadn't told me? i was glad when he said that he just that he was pulling my legs and that he felt change is good and variety appreciated socially. he further assured me by telling me that he knows that every girl including his daughter loves new things--- from clothes to hair dos! :)! whew! what a relief!!

"Turn away your eyes from me, for they overwhelm me- Your hair is like a flock of goats leaping down the slopes of gilead." SOS 6:5

Not sure what to make of this scripture...

Dude: Hey babe! your hair is like a flock of goats... i could get lost in it ;) 

Dude: Na wa o! this your hair sef! it take style dey resemble flock of goat (ewure/nama)

What do you think? compliment? or insult?

yours sincerely,

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My love-hate relationship with OkAdA

Oh okada! I don’t think I can go on like this any longer. I can’t figure out why you like to show; how fast you can go or how you love taking risks… *sighs* they say ‘once beaten twice shy’ but with you I’ve always made an exception. I keep hoping and believing that one day you’ll change for the good of society. Don’t you know what the bible says… the race is not to the swift  nor the battle to the strong, nor the bread to the wise, nor riches to the intelligent, nor favour to those with knowledge, but time and chance happens to them all (Ecc 9:11).
My father has always disapproved of my relationship with you. For he loves me too much to allow you inflict any pain or harm his “little girl”. I never gave much thought to you before last summer when I got my first job. It was on the island so I was always in a haste trying to beat traffic. Prior to that I had been seeing you around town; you appeared rugged and daring to my untrained eyes. I was a little fascinated with you, but I was a mere child who sought adventure in the mundane. Anyways as I grew older I started hearing of your escapades, so I resolved in my heart to abstain from you at all costs. I promised myself that no matter how much you or anyone else begged me I would never give in.
Beg! That you did skillfully. You begged me until my resolve wore thin. I started to justify how you weren’t that bad after all and that if I was careful no one will get hurt.
So that summer, when Lagos traffic took its toll on me you provided an escape route. Initially I set boundaries- no expressways and no groupies! But little did I know that you’ll keep taunting me-on how fast you could go, the places only you could take me and how much time I’ll save, till I finally relented and said “yes”.
Looking back now, you were the cause of most of my embarrassing incidents. Do you remember when you tore my skirt and I had to go to work like that? I was so embarrassed. If it had not been for the sweater I left in the office the previous day, I don’t know how I’d have managed. What about the time I mistakenly dropped my headgear on one of our trips, you made me come down to get it and one of your friends almost bashed me in the process.
I don’t know why I turned a blind eye to all your faults. You have always been selfish, concerned about no one else but yourself. You rode in the rain giving no thought for my valuables. I know you think I’m breaking up with you (trust me I’ve considered it) but you are too vital to my life in Lagos. So instead I’m saying let’s just be friends_ no strings attached!!

Yours sincerely,

(P.S. in case you are wondering Okada is a commercial motorcycle in Nigeria)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

BrEaKiNg NewS!!

This blogger is NOW a graduate!!! Everyone prepare yourself for the unexpected...

Saturday, 16 July 2011

mistaken identity

Today I went a mini bank outlet on campus. there was a veeeerrrryy long queue by the ATM  so many people wanted to withdraw cash but being a BIG girl that I am... i wanted to pay in cash. So i approached the teller and there was no one there. After waiting patiently for a few seconds I noticed a man in suit talking to a pretty girl on the atm queue. He looked a lot like the teller i met last week so i walked up to him and said "Excuse me, please i need to pay in money now." In my mind added..."oh! young man you weren't payed to chat up girls during work hours." He turned, looked at me and laughed. It was a "weird" laugh. the following conversation ensued.
Him: do u mind if i ask u a question?
Me: not so sure
Him: I don't mean to be rude but can i seriously ask u a question?
Me: (nervous) No
Me: please no
Him: ok... but do i look like a banker?
Me: yes
Him: i'm not
Me: so sorry
Him: it's ok. so wats d name?
i wanted to enter the ground. i felt so embarrassed. i must commend the guy, he actually took it so well and even attempted to make normal conversation with me after rudely interrupting him. if it was the other way round... he would have had it. its funny how i was feeling irritated with the supposed guy who wasting my valuable time talking to a lady. i promise to no longer jump into conclusions again. come to think of it i don't know why i did especially since he wasn't wearing a bank ID.

yours sincerely,

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Wedding bells!!

I just realized that it’s been awhile since I’ve been on a wedding train.  Haba!! I have to start praying for all my single family members and friends to start getting married ASAP! Lol… But seriously I love all the wedding hype. I want a big wedding with all the lace trimmings and grand carriage. Yeah, Yeah, I know the wedding lasts a day while marriage is a lifetime. A girl is free to dream right? So lemme be.
Anyways I want the wedding bells to start ringing so that I can enjoy being a bridesmaid (hopefully a chief bridesmaid too) while awaiting my big day. Like every other job, being a bridesmaid has a few pitfalls. Here is my list of some of them;
1.       You can’t eat and drink as much as you’d loved to because of your “exposed” seat location way up front.
2.       You have to plaster a smile throughout the day (or else people will think you are jealous of the bride)
3.       You have to walk around in ridiculously high/uncomfortable shoes
4.       You have to smile persistently for cameras
5.       Keep reminding family members that you are not searching for the one so they should quit introducing you to “eligible” sons of Mr. this and Mrs. That
6.       You have to either attempt to catch the bouquet or pretend to do so (I personally hate all the pushing and shoving in an attempt to catch flowers)
7.        You have to buy or get a dress you mostly likely never wear after that day.
8.       You have to dance in public (although for some people this is an advantage)
But asides from all that, there are so many reasons to look forward to being a bridesmaid again and again…
1.       You get to have a front row pick of bachelors (that’s if you are searching)
2.       You get a good view of the couple and all the wedding traipsing and entertainment
3.       Gives you a good reason to dress up and act ladylike
4.       Acquisition of new clothes and shoes (in my opinion anything that makes you get new clothes and shoes is a good thing ;)!)
5.       The joy of seeing a friend/cousin say ‘I do’
6.       The feeling of importance and prestige attached to the role
7.       You get to share in the lime light and paparazzi
8.       You play a part (although minor) in the making the big day
9.       You contribute to the success and beauty of another person’s wedding (thus subscribing for the same on your day)
10.   You get lovely souvenirs or sometimes ridiculous ones ( guess what….I got a matchbox once)

"Let us rejoice and exult and give him the glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready." (Revelation 19:7 ESV)

yours sincerely,

Friday, 17 June 2011

uncertainty and certainty

"I believe in the sun when it's not shining,
I believe in love when I don't feel it,
I believe in God when He is silent" (author unknown)

Right now, I'm confused. I really need God's direction but it seems like he is silent or maybe I'm just impatient to really wait and listen to His voice.
I'm at a crossroad in my life. After grads what next? My parents love me and want me to stay back in school and do my masters but I'm not so sure about that.
I love my course or let me rephrase that, I love some parts of my course but I'm not sure I'll enjoy doing that everyday of my life. I'm tired of weighing the pros and cons of doing my masters.
I'm tired of talking to people about it. I want to hear God clearly. The other day while talking to one of my course mates, he shared some experiences in his life with me then he advised me not to do it since I know I won't enjoy doing it in long run and that I'll just be wasting time, instead I should find God's purpose for my life and run with it.
My aunt is of the opinion that opinion that no knowledge is wasted and that while doing my masters in my course, I'll learn things that will help me in whatever future career I choose.
My mom says I should stay back and do my masters since I've already started and I haven't presented a better alternative.
I don't want tell my dad yet until I'm sure of what I want to do. So here I am, uncertain of what step to take next but certain that God will be with me every step of the way.

Yours sincerely,

Monday, 30 May 2011

My Wet Shoes!!

This was drawn by one of my art students :)

Do you know what it means to suffer and smile? I do. I had a very important meeting today. I set out early and half way into the journey, rain started falling. make no mistake, it wasn't Ajebutter rain o! it was a serious downpour. so now I'm at the  office, sitting down quietly in my wet shoes waiting for the manager to arrive. I dare not remove my shoes because of the "stench" i might unleash and secondly because of the fear of not being taken serious or that I'll just be the girl that has no shoes on. So my wet shoes are staying on as a symbol of my resolve to smile and be of good cheer even in unpleasant situations.

(hope I don't get cold feet on this matter;)!!)

yours sincerely,

Thursday, 26 May 2011

ViRuS aLeRt!!!

Have you heard the noise karpesky antivirus makes when it discovers a virus, trojan or any suspicious threat on a pc? i don't even know how to describe the sound. its an awful attention-getting "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk"... sound. and it shrieks everytime it finds a virus. Recently, i collected a flash drive from a dude in class and as an afterthought i scanned it. guess how many viruses were in it? 102!!! (my karpesky even got tired of screaming;)!) i have never ever seen that amount of threats on a 'baby' 2gb flash drive. You should have seen me thanking God for little mercies. what if i hadn't scanned it and it had crashed my p.c? 

Anyways, it got me thinking... i'm kinda like my p.c. I've got an owner and He has stored sooo much files and resources in me. He has also invested alot of money pimping and upgrading me. He has even given me a new batttery (meek heart). if i don't take time to scan all the flash drives of this world in form of movies, music, books, friends etc. before giving them access, i'll be endangering myself or i might even 'crash' in the process and that will make my owner sad and dissappointed.


"keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.(Prov 4:23)."

yours sincerely,

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

i slept in class today!!

 Guess who woke me up? yes my lecturer did. i was really tired. i'd been working on my project all night. my eyes had been giving me warning signs all day but i ignored them. i was trying to prove a point that I was still the "big boss" and that i won't let two little eyes control or influence my decision.
hahaha! if only i had listened to them. my eyes have been working double shifts for weeks now and as my project defence date draws nearer the intensity increases.
So in the middle of my professional practice class instead of learning how to charge clients for services rendered, i was caught sleeping. the worst time to sleep! my eyes should have taken a break earlier today instead when i had to watch  a boring documentary...

Anyways, i'll make them pay this night! i have a long overdue assignment to submit tomorrow *wink*!!

yours sincerely,

my brodas day!!

So yesterday was my brother's birthday and my mom came to see us in school. she brought along a surprise gift; my Grandma!! you should have seen my brother's excitement immediately he saw her. For my Grandma is one of our favorite people in the whole wide world. She always has a story to share or something to give (yesterday she had sweets :)!)
Anyways, my 78year old Granny came all the way to grace the occassion. The party started and ended in the car ;) with the boot as the serving point. we had soooo much fun eating and laughing. best "small" party of all time!!!

just wanted 2 make you jealous...:)!!

For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry he fills with good things. Ps. 107:7

yours sincerly,
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Sunday, 15 May 2011

my 'celeb' visitors

I felt very special on this particular day. Very important visitors came to see me. Five celebs came all the way just to see me. They came with two bodyguards each. Not for security reasons but out of necessity. They needed bodyguards to help ward off pests and peeps that “tick” them off. I made sure I took pictures to prove to all you doubting Thomases…

Can you identify the bodyguards? I circled some of them just in case you didn’t.
And yes!! We had Item #7…
Don’t be jealous!! I was just privileged to entertain them and take pictures from a vantage point in my room ;)!


“Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me”.
Rev 3:20 (ASV)

Yours sincerely,
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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The story of my precious toe

Nobody told me how important the toe was to my whole body and sanity. I had always looked down on it and neglected it. The only time I remembered to take care of it was the occasional change of nail polish and even then I still neglected it, allowing my toes to be seen in public with ugly and semi peeled nail enamels.

Anyways, now I know better but I learnt the hard way. Last year I had a surgery on my toe to remove a growth and that was the turning point. It wasn’t a serious growth in fact it was just a little bit bigger than a pimple but it used to pain me once in awhile so I wanted it off. I went for an x-ray and it revealed that it was just excess tissues or something of that sort. The guy that attended to me kept asking me why I wanted to remove it but all his attempts to make me see reason fell on deaf ears. If only I had known better for I was made to believe that it was a simple procedure just like cutting or biting my nails off.
I was awake during the surgery. My curiosity was stronger than the anesthetic I was given. It was like watching a bloody movie except I had to watch it lying facing up. After the surgery, I walked to my ward as if nothing had happened except the bandage on my leg said otherwise. It wasn’t until later that night when all the medications and pain relievers had worn off that my troubles began. Irrespective of the fact that I was placed on daily antibiotics my toe was still infected. This forced me to graduate from daily drugs to daily injections.
I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and when I don’t sleep the whole house can’t sleep. (In fact you could identify my whole family by our red eyes!). I dreaded my daily dressing and cleaning the most. For that was when the ‘cry baby’ in me was unleashed. There was no forming or ajebutter. I cried and screamed so much that the tears in my eyes practically finished. I had to resume school several weeks late and with an obvious limp. I had to miss out on all the fun, couldn’t go out and anytime I did I got tired of people telling me sorry as if I was crippled or something. All because of one seemly small little toe I stopped sleeping, added so much weight from sitting down too much and had to copy so much lecture notes. The nurse later explained to me that it’s the tiny members of the body that can cause havoc when seriously bruised and that is why people almost run mad because of toothaches and that fingers/ toes are just as painful.
Now I know better and I have a scar to show for it! So if you see me on the road with a helmet, padded chest protector, elbow and knee guards and my sturdy boots you will know the reason why! But seriously I now value little things because they matter the most…

“What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?” Psalm 8:4

                                                          yours sincerely,

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A lesson learnt

I have always been troublesome. I can't remember exactly what I did this time to Tade but he turned to me and said "your mother is a prostitute" as a result of my latest trouble making. This happened in those days when 'waka' and 'your mother' were heavy insults to receive. Heads turned to my direction, the whole class awaited my reaction.
but to the surprise of everyone, I smiled and just said to him "you'll see" but  in my heart, I was nursing a victorious comeback.
For you see, the very next day was visiting day and my mother was sure to come.
During night prep, i let the cat out of the bag! you should have seen how Tade begged me. It felt good to have so much power. A "whole" Tade was kneeling down to beg me. 
I was adamant. Standing tall with a wicked grin looking forward to the next day.
Saturday finally came. I ran to hug my mother and almost pushed her down in the process. After the customary greetings and how about aunty this and uncle that.
I told her with a straight face what my classmate had said. I sat still, anticipating the talk my mother was going to have with either the principal, my class teacher or at least Tade.
I got the greatest ela ojuko **one eye covered**,
when she simply asked me, "Am I a prostitute?"
and I answered, " No, Mummy"
and then she asked as a matter of fact, "then why are we having this discussion?"

My face turned as red as my black skin could allow.
What was i going to tell my friends? How was I going to face Tade after all my bragging?

That day, my mother taught me two of life's greatest lessons. My identity is not based on people's opinion or some shallow Jss3 boy's words and secondly there are some things not worth fighting for.


"You are the most excellent of men
and your lips anointed with grace, since God has blessed you forever."
Ps. 45:2 (NIV)

yours sincerly,

my snake reminder

I saw a snake last night
It was just beside my room
Funnily i didn't give in to hysteria
I simply bolted my door and windows
And let sleep take me to dreamland
A place where everything is a figment of my imagination

I can't really explain why I didn't scream
It was a real snake, of that i'm very sure
A friend and I saw it move
Before she made a run for her room
I said a simple prayer for protection of all
Knowing fully well that God hears and answers

There's a peace that comes from knowing God
and understanding his nature and capabilities
Yesterday was just a reminder of His promise
No matter what life brings my way
A snake, a mad cow or even an Alien
No harm is permitted to befall me

(N.B : this happened on the 29th of April in school.)
yours sincerely,

Thursday, 28 April 2011


As a child I used to look forward to the day I'd partake in elections
it wasn't just the fact that I would have a part in the selection
I was simply glad to see the end of the last government tenure
and filled with hopes and aspirations for the new national adventure

You see, Nigeria is a great nation
and I say that with a deep hearted conviction without hesitation
She is very much like an expectant mother
pregnant with potentials though the delivery date seems further

There is definitely more to Nigeria than what we normally obtain
though it seems as if her direction is uncertain
Nigeria will surely spring forth unrestrained
for she can no longer be manipulated and detained

Elections are just a step in the right direction
I pray for a free, fair and peaceful election
and that the fear of God will drive our leaders
so that Nigeria will indeed be a joy to all readers

yours sincerely,

Friday, 15 April 2011

judging cee

"don't judge me cos u ain't me"
is a cliche she's willing to adopt
she's a christain and she loves God
but sometimes she messes up like everyone else
and if God doesn't judge her
who are you to do so?

she sometimes says stuff she doesn't mean
and does stuff she shouldn't
why can't evry1 in the world be like God?
He forgives and totally forgets
why can't her past be left in the past?
why are people so unforgiving?

she prays to be perfect
and God sees her heart
but if along the way she falls
please don't judge her
instead lend a helping hand
and put a sister back on track

'cos judging her won't help you or me

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder
what you consider to be beautiful
might just be repulsive to me
 i personally conside the sky as a 'portrait of beauty'
i like the way it has mood swings
one minute its blue and "lovey dovey"
the next its vexed threatening to storm
other times it's blank... giving away no emotion
it's never afraid to express it's true feelings
when it's sad, its never ashamed to let tears drop
when its happy, it beams so much we get sunstrokes
it doesn't care what people think about its thunder
it is void of pretense
i love that no matter what challenge it faces,
especially with this ozone depletion saga
it still takes out time to potray its inner beauty
beauty in the good, bad and ugly
beauty in transparency, honesty and intergrity
there is indeed beauty in diversity

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Young Man

So we've met before and you paid for my drink
and i cant even remember your name
it was a very nice gesture but thats where it ends
i've tried so many times to gently let you down
and discourage your advances
i'm getting tired of being nice
don't push me to the wall, young man!

So many times i've thought back to that day in cafe
and i regret letting you pay
i should have been blunt and refused then.
you make me feel bad for not making small talk
but i don't want to start something i won't finish
or maybe i should have pretended not to know you the next day
because i'm getting tired of being polite
don't push it to far, young man!

So you keep intentionally appearing and reappearing everywhere i go.
if i needed a bodyguard, i would have said so
i hate (abhor) stalking of any and every kind.
why can't my short, flippant and monosyllabic replies tell you how i feel?
i don't want to talk today, tomorrow or ever
you are really pushing it, young man!

So we're in the same school and group
i don't hate you or like you
i just dislike people who try to hard and refuse to take rebuttals
i just pray you don't push me to do something stupid or
say something extrimily rude.
i'm really trying to be nice and smile
but you are pushing me to the wall, young man!

Life (as I know it)

why is it that most often than naught the stuff you preach about and condemn are the things that always come back to haunt you?
why is it that we fall for things when we really know better?
why do we still make the same mistakes we see others make and cry about?
is it because we need to make our own mistakes or is it because we are just plain stupid??!
its always easy to judge people and even condemn them but when we do similar stuff we justify and rationalize our motives.
why are things never black or white? we always seem to be somewhere in between... grey to be precise!
it is said that we can never truly understand someone's pain until we've been through the exact or similar situation.
is it really better to love and lose love than not loving at all?
why do people never take an outright no? instead they keep hoping and bugging one in an attempt to wear down one's resolve
why am i stuck in the middle?
why do i dislike so many and truly love a few?
why am i the way i am?
why do i do the things i do?
i am certain of this though, that there is still hope!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Knowing the difference!

I have been told over the years that there is a big difference between real joy and mere happiness.
 between laughing and chuckling
 between singing and humming
 between smiling and grinning
 between crying and weeping
 between young and old
 between not having enough and not having
 between now and later
 between beautiful and fine
 between talking and whispering
 between blushing and beaming
 between love and like
 between a kiss and a peck
 between boys and men
 between a friend and a brother
 between being friends and more than friends
 between a yes and a maybe
 between me and you
 between His will and mine
Lord, help me to really know the difference!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Here I go again

If my first post sounded like a sermon, e ma binu (don't be angry). Most times when i write, there is a question at the back of my mind which i attempt to answer. So in that post i was just stating my stand on relationships. I think i am getting to old for nonsense and the constant emotional upheaval i have put myself through in times past as a result of 'pointless' relationships. The last one was the last straw that broke the camel's back.
So here i go again... forgiving myself for the crazy things I've done in my past and looking forward to the great future that waits. knowing fully well that yesterday ended last night and that my best is yet to come. so help me God to be strong and never settle for less...

Sunday, 20 March 2011

I'm consistent and i take a stand!!!

I'm an advocate for meaningful relationships and purposeful relationships. i know that there are different kinds and levels of relationships (acquaintance, casual and intimate) and what each entails. But on the subject of opposite sex relationships, i believe in well defined, purpose driven and God guided relationships. I'm not against dating but i'm concerned about the context. Dating could be very good especially where there are well defined boundaries and same values. Apart from acquisition of interpersonal skills, dating allows you to learn how to be a friend and have a friend, how to be accommodating and how to be accommodated.   On the other hand, dating could be trouble. this depends on a lot of factors; the person you are going out with, the reason why you are in the relationship, external factors e.t.c. I believe relationships are precious and must be considered carefully before committing to it. I believe that you must (as an individual) know who you are, your goals, dreams, worth and driving force before going into a relationship. When you know who you are it is quite easy to identify what/who you are looking for and that is someone that is heading in the same direction with similar ideals and same/higher level of relationship with God. if you know your true worth you wont settle for less. SO DATE YES!!! but do so RESPONSIBLY and that is with *boundaries * same values *self worth and *God in the mix