Wednesday, 4 July 2012


...that picture summarizes why i have been away for so long.
School! Exams!Projects!
Just when i feel i have finally finished one another one pops up. I can't say how many times i started posting a story and had to drag my mind back to work. Oh well! it will soon be over... dunno why masters in Architecture can't be one year like every other course.
 Finally my most anticipated summer BREAK is here!! i really want to make it count and do something worthwhile. Last year i volunteered to teach at a free summer camp for primary school pupils in some Nigerian public schools and i had mega fun. This year, i have applied for a few workshops and i'm also looking for a summer job that will be exciting and educative too.
During my architecture-induced-leave of absence, My darling brother joined the league of graduates in my family. He made a first class in Economics so my parents haven't stopped beaming :)!
Also finished reading the book i won, ANTONYMS OF A MIRAGE by Atiola and it was really worth the wait. It kept me laughing and thoroughly entertained. Grab your copy now!! *winks* 
I know i've missed alot on blogville and have alot of reading and catching up to do...

Yours sincerely,