Sunday, 20 March 2011

I'm consistent and i take a stand!!!

I'm an advocate for meaningful relationships and purposeful relationships. i know that there are different kinds and levels of relationships (acquaintance, casual and intimate) and what each entails. But on the subject of opposite sex relationships, i believe in well defined, purpose driven and God guided relationships. I'm not against dating but i'm concerned about the context. Dating could be very good especially where there are well defined boundaries and same values. Apart from acquisition of interpersonal skills, dating allows you to learn how to be a friend and have a friend, how to be accommodating and how to be accommodated.   On the other hand, dating could be trouble. this depends on a lot of factors; the person you are going out with, the reason why you are in the relationship, external factors e.t.c. I believe relationships are precious and must be considered carefully before committing to it. I believe that you must (as an individual) know who you are, your goals, dreams, worth and driving force before going into a relationship. When you know who you are it is quite easy to identify what/who you are looking for and that is someone that is heading in the same direction with similar ideals and same/higher level of relationship with God. if you know your true worth you wont settle for less. SO DATE YES!!! but do so RESPONSIBLY and that is with *boundaries * same values *self worth and *God in the mix