Saturday, 15 February 2014

My Valentine bug

I've been bitten my the love bug :)! I'm sure you are curious to know how I spent my Friday? Well I gave you guys a clue about my big date here so I'll let the pictures do the talking... or most of it anyway *winks*

My first boo a.k.a Breakfast!
The plan was to spend the whole day together but I had to do some housekeeping so I ended up missing our Lunch date... but we found a way round that! ( Lol! True Love conquers All things!)

Don't judge me I like Plantain! Plus I didn't eat them at once or alone.Was feeling guilty so I took some fruits too
(oh btw, I recently discovered and fell in love with the garlic +onions+salt plantain chips! #Naijapringles #Lagostraffic)

I think I have a phobia for public spaces (cinemas, malls, restaurants and any other place couples are sure to be found on Valentine day). I had planned on treating myself to Cold Stone's heart shaped cookie sandwiches but I chickened out when I saw the amount of human beings outside. Anyways, here is a picture of what I got that day... 

My Valentine gifts :)!
 (P.S: The clay; I bought for the kids in my art class, I got the wrapped box of something sweet  for my Grandma
 and the teddy bear was a D.D. joke)

The kids in my art class named this "heart on heart"  #KidsValentineproject :)!

Still wondering what a D.D joke is? Well...

Everyone knows I LOVE to read right? I mentioned it here sef so you'll understand why I included this 
My current reading list... don't ask me how I can read three books at a time though (Its actually four "Identity Theft" is hiding somewhere in my bag *covers eyes*)

and this picture too (All in the name of love & sharing)
I love love love To-do Lists!
 Its usually the easiest way for me to feel "accomplished" daily even if I didn't step outside the door!

But on this day I stepped outside the door, in fact I went to the Airport but I digress. For the Valentine grand finale, "We" did this

The Best boo of all; MoiMoi+Rice+Sauce+Chicken+Salad
 On a serious note though, I had an amazing day and I got a Valentine gift from Oreka Godis. If you think I am lying check here or here. Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my previous post *hugs and kisses*.
Hope yours was amazing and much more?

"We love because He first Loved us."
1 John 4:19

Warning: This post might not make sense to my friends/readers who subscribe to my blog via email as some of the pictures might not load... and if you can't see the pictures the joke will be on you! 

P.S: I don't really believe in Valentines day! Can't everyday be PDA day!!!



  1. Lol you spent valentines day with food? Very romantic. I didn't even have food at home that day. Everyday cannot be PDA day due to rocks of life so valentines day and other holidays come in handy.

    1. Hehehe. I know right? Yeah I know its a good Idea n'all buh I still feel its overrated especially when you hear the extent to which people go in the name of Vals day. Oh well *sighs*

  2. Well, since you didn't cook jollof rice, it shows that you don't know the meaning of true love

    1. #yimu. are not serious!! jollof rice ke? It doesn't even sound romantic.

  3. You had a nice Val's day..
    I spent mine at work:)
    i did not receive your

    1. Yes oo! Awww maybe next year it'll fall on a weekend :)!
      I've resent it.

  4. Lol.. Your Valentine's Day really rocked!
    I saw this quote once by Bernard Shaw - "There is no love sincerer than the love of food"... I think I partially agree with him lol xx

    1. Lmao!! Bernard Shaw has a point there! should add this to my list of "wise" quotes. Thank you :)!

  5. Really nice. I so envy you. So much food. I'm booking next year ahead

  6. So if there's much ado about nothing on valentine's day, why did you make time out to treat yourself to such delicious (on picture value) food? Or do you do get heart shaped cookies from coldstone everyday? I guess not.
    Since charity begins at home and you are an advocate of daily PDA, you should do this same routine daily for the rest of your life. Love afterall begins with loving yourself. so, here's to your new challenge: love yourself this way (as you have described in your blog) daily....and do keep us (your ardent readers) posted with pictures. *wide grin*

    1. Lool! If only you knew what I treat myself to daily... For instance, this morning I had hot-straight-from-the-oven homemade Cake and Malteasers. Some days its a movie treat or a new book or a desert or a pedicure or just some extra minutes in bed. The key for me is moderation :)! Would have taken up your challenge but I'm not a mean person plus aint nobody got time to take pictures daily *tongue out*.

  7. Lol! Looks good! So you teach?

  8. hehehe. Thank you :)! Not teach per say. I have art classes with some kids in my neighbourhood every saturday

  9. Nice. Whats ur email addy? wanna know more about these art classes

  10. Awww you sure had a beautiful day