Saturday, 1 March 2014

Reality Check

Something happen yesterday that made me feel so sad/bad. You remember I complained in my last post HERE  that I have been over looking things of late... Well this was one of those things. I concluded a training program yesterday. The day before we had a group activity we planned on doing and the team leader informed us of the dress code. Dunno how it started sef buh a guy in the team and I got into a "constructive"silly argument not like the one I mentioned HERE. Anyways the argument was on whether Nigeria traditional attire could be classified as Corporate attire and if it would be best suited for the activity in question. Silly right? It seems very irrelevant and pointless now cos we both left holding on to our convictions. We didn't realize the guy at our back was listening and felt inadequate because he didn't have the any 'suitable' attire. To cut the long story short... He didn't show up the next day for the activity. We all missed him and kept asking about him. So the next day, I asked him why he didn't turn up the day before and he told me it was cos he didn't have the so-called dress code. I was mad at myself for arguing and making him feel inadequate without even knowing it and mad at him for keeping quiet... He should have said something! Not let something as flimsy as an attire keep him from coming!

I've learnt my lesson No more pointless arguments and I'm going to constantly remind myself that we are all different (never assume everybody has what I feel is 'common') and since God has NO reservations or clauses for acceptance... who am I too?

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,
Romans 8:1 (NIV)

P.S: I've finally added Disqus to my blog to make commenting easier... got some complaints recently about it... not sure if it is better? from the stats it appears worse or is it just me?? Please let me know



  1. Yeah Tt does but In this case the guy and I have become quite the opposite :)! I guess it one of those things I had to re-learn. Wow! Sad face @ not being able to comment on my last post. Still trying to figure out the whole thing. I just might undo it

  2. i love mushrooms- in pizza :-D

  3. lol!! That's good for you *winks*

  4. hahahaha that photo got me laughing
    This is so true