Thursday, 28 August 2014

14for14: Street People Love

Keep Calm August is giving way to the best month... September *dancing*. In order to let August to bow out gracefully I shall do my 14for14 sharply :)!

There are few people I see on the streets of Gidi that make my heart smile. I won't go into the legality or illegality of what they do because its not my jurisdiction. Without much ado I present you my Street Peeps:

1). The Exclusive street food vendors: (FYI this does not include mama puts and hawkers). I like food, you like food, we all love food agreed? The people who grill plantain, yam, potatoes, chicken, goat meat and all those other mouth watering 'healthy' street food are fabulous!

I apologize in advance for making you hungry! Please bear with me :P

Oh the list includes puff puff and akara (bean cakes) too.

2. Smiling security personnel: There's nothing as wonderful as seeing people doing their jobs cheerfully! I have met some very grumpy security men who are always complaining and looking for "appreciation" for doing their work. So I should pay you for opening the door or stopping traffic as I back out of your companies parking lot right? Makes no sense! A smile is still the best clothing accessory. You should see the security men I hail every morning on my way to work, They are happy and have a swagger!

3. Road sweepers a.k.a LAWMA: Suited up in their bright orange ensemble, every morning  these people are busy doing their work. They serve as my time gauge of sorts. If Lawma isn't on the road on my way to work it means I'm late *full stop*

4. Life Savers! Vulcanizers and cobblers: Be it your tangible car or your leggedez benz (your shoes) these two always come to the rescue! I can't count how many times. The most recent was on my way back from doing my NYSC clearance for the month, my shoes gave away! imagine!

and the last but not the least are

5). Keke Drivers with disabilities: wondering why? They could have easily decided to be beggars and no one would judge them because of their conditions but they didn't. While the same streets are full of people with both arms and legs who fabricate the most amazing stories just to get into the beggarly profession!

 I salute these special peeps for the services they render and the swag with which they do it! 

for we walk by faith, not by sight--2 Corinthians 5:7



  1. Ooooh that puff puff looks yum!!!!!!
    I agree on smiles being the best accessories :)

  2. Lol yeah. nothing beats fresh Lagos puff puff *sighs*

  3. hehehe *partially covered eyes*

  4. You definitely made me hungry with the food.

    People with disabilities who make sure to work for their money rather than beg for it make my day any time.

  5. This is the real life.

  6. Awwww this was so beautiful to read

  7. Kai.. that roasted plantain... :D Nice photos :)

  8. Forgot i'd read your 14:14 already. Lol.