Tuesday, 30 December 2014

14for14: Minding my business

"Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved. In quietness and confidence is your strength..."Isaiah 30:15 (NLT)

Yesterday while talking to my Godmom, she mentioned the verse above and I wanna adopt it too as my motto for 2015. I wanna be quiet. Less talk. Less 'gra-gra'. Less waka dugbe. Less nkwali (work no pay). in short Mind my own business. I want to minimize activity and maximize effect/impact. I wanna prioritize more effectively. Say no more often. Enter rest about alot of things and cease worrying.

This is my last 'official' 14 for 14 post. I think I am supposed to write a concluding synopsis of sorts after this. Anyway doing this challenge was great, Some months it was an easy breeze while some months it took Gods grace and plenty hounding from Duru y'all to get me to post a.k.a last minute posts. It taught me a thing or two about sticking through and determination. Salute to Ms. JB for initiating it. I'm so behind in my blog rounds.

When I chose "Love, Life, Learning and Relationships" as what this series was gonna focus on, I really didn't know what I was going to write on. To write on only one of them felt like a restraining order and I couldn't do that. I dunno If I covered any of them well sef. Being as I only know things in part and I can't categorically say somethings only for MY OGA AT THE TOP to say another thing entirely, i had to be mute.

In this 2014, I have known what it means to love and be loved (Lemme chip in here that I am now sumbori's godmom. She's soo adorable.), I have lived, laughed harder, danced more than I have ever done before. I have gone outside my comfort zones to do more. Life has been beautiful. We had art class fun day on the 23rd and we really had fun :)! I also got involved with Slum2school this year and its been amazing. How can I forget my Nysc. This service year has been good. A respite of sorts. Teaching has its perks a.k.a flexibility. I'm not so excited about some of the grades I recorded after marking their scripts. Some Scripts made me blush while some almost made me doubt my teaching methodologies. 
Oh boi! I have learn't plenty things o! Both material (visible) and immaterial. I attended a few courses and acquired some skills +grammar (serenre) too. I haven't been as consistent in blogging as I should have and I know. Relationships have blossomed and some have died a natural death. Funny things have happened and more will happen. Some people keep 'hoping' against reality *yimu*.

 2014 is a year to remember! I grew up in more ways than I knew possible. I'm not there yet but I am striving ... 2015 shall be greater! Heaven on Earth! IJN

P.S: I'm a bit off the social media & Instant messaging grid atm. My phone just stopped coming on and I understand the message it is telling me...  ;)




  1. Totally with you on that minding own business resolution!
    Cheers to 2015 cee!


  3. Cee of Life, you always make me blush with your posts... it is your kind that makes me turn to a wizkid and sing: "I fit die on top your matter eh, Chisom ooo..." i am super excited that we all pulled through to the end, infact me sef ehn, i never Hexsperred to get to the end of the 14 for 14 challenge... lmao... See smallie Cee is a god mother ooo... in fact, lemme go and godfather my own :). Truly i doubt if i can mind my own business oh, you know i am a busy body by nature, so amma gonna go into 2015 and keep looking for trouble :p. Happy new year in advance Bubba... Cheers.

  4. Awww. I know right? I'm guilty too. I haven't been leaving much on yours too. I dunno where all the time flies. Thanks a lot JB! I really appreciate you :)

  5. Wishing you the same Nerline :)! Thank you so much for always visiting my blog.

  6. Lmao! Duru you aren't serious @ all. smh @ you. Who are you calling smallie sef? No red-skirt!!
    hahaha @ busybody by nature. Keep doing what makes you happy *winks*
    A Happy new year to you too

  7. Happy new year lady. Congrats on completing the challenge.

  8. Thanks Atilola :)! A happy new year to you too!