Sunday, 3 May 2015

Village matters

Hi people, so this post has been in my head, heart and mind for over a week. The good news is that It finally found its way to the blog ;) 

I went to a village in Epe area of Lagos as part of the World Malaria day campaign with Slum2school. I learnt some things that day...

1. Contentment: there will always be a village with more amenities and people than yours so calm down enjoys yours.

2. The people in the village rarely fall sick contrary to popular belief especially when you see the conditions in which they live in. Our guide/ interpreter for that day attributes this fact to all the fresh foods they eat. 

See my village native beans... Not the usual bland brown. Lol

And my personal stash of eastern Mangoes... Remember how I was wishing someone would travel eastward and buy it for me? I got my desire *whoop whoop* (ermm I have actually finished it sef)

"...who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's." Psalm 103:5 (NIV)

With Love,


  1. I got this beans once but it took a long time before it got soft.......
    It's so sweet
    Hi Ceeee

  2. It is always good to experience someone else's reality once in a while.

  3. Oya wait first Bubb! i have just 2 kweshions for thee...

    Kweshion numbA 1. **Adjusts glasses... So mean to tell us ya disciples that only you one finished all that many many mangoes?! Shuo! Mango will grow in your Stomach oh! :)

    Kweshion NumbA 2. **Shines teeth.. Do you know that it just occurred to me that we still didnt see any picSHur of you in the whole Gbo Gbo 2014.. After all the many many attempts that we made?! Chisos! You Bad pass Jack Bauer oh! Shuo! Kilomade?! KAI Ms Cee.. Diarisgodooooo.. Now You nah came and come and go and put picSHur of many many people.. How are we suppose to know which one is you nah?! **crying in Catalan..

    Okay! I like what Slum2School is doing.. Read about Y'all at LEAP a while ago... Bigger Y'all i pray.. Thinking about it is amazing Cee.. Otya Check this...The mad man on the road drinks Dirty water and still never has Cholera Yekpa!, The People who do not have so much and who do not live high class, but are surrounded by weeds instead, some times go years without Malaria Oshey!.. Truly it is GOD that showeth mercy oh! No be by Medicated Net and Dispenser or buying pure water up and down...

    Happy New Month Bubba toh Fine.. Blogger toh Sharp... May MAY Make you smile like a Fish and Dance like a Kangaroo.. and the crowd goes.. Amennnnnn :) Cheers..

  4. But shey you know what you are doing is not fair sha?! :(

  5. Oya I cant take this no more! Where are you nahhhhhhh Ms Cee?! **Crying in Spanish... :(

  6. As in!! You can say that again! Thanks @ilola :)

  7. Hi Ugo :)! yeah it does and i have gotten tired of it sef. I have gone back to my good n faithful beans. lol