Thursday, 5 January 2012

My First Post :D!

The New Year is upon us and this is my first post in it :)!  The holiday was great and a much needed diversion but my youngest brother has a different opinion especially since this holiday came with the burden of chores that go hand in hand with the pleasure and excitement of a Full House.

So today, the eve of school resumption, i attended my first ever bloggers event organised by and Blush with my friend who blogs @ and the event was totally awesome!

My friend and I
One lesson i learnt today  from Ms Bee, my newest 'soon-to-be-blogger' friend who i met at the event was Always be bold and say out loud what so ever you desire, irrespective of all the doubting thomases around you.
Ms Bee showing off her box of goodies;)

There was a lucky dip at the event and from the onset she kept telling me and everyone else  how she was going to win. She was so sure of it that she told me what she was going to do after she won it. And guess what? she won but was gracious enough to share some of the goodies with her  number one doubting thomas, Me :)!

So I'm going to be bold and assertive like Ms Bee :) and eagerly await and receive all the goodies 2012 holds in store.

Yours sincerly,


  1. Yep, be bold alright and grab all that 2012 has in store for you. Happy new year babe.

  2. By God's grace I will :)! Happy new year to you too and wishing you the best!