Friday, 30 May 2014

14for14: Playing with fire

I love it when my parents, Grandma or Aunts decide to torture my siblings with something they did as a child. There are some classics that I'm saving for my nieces and nephews *winks*. Once the story doesn't involve any of my misdemeanors I am a good sport.

As one of the stories goes, my younger brother at a certain point in his life was fascinated with fire. He wasn't content to just watch from the sidelines. He needed to catch it! My mom being the super woman she is, would always jump over skyscrapers aka tables, rivers (aka puddles from our carelessness) or mountains - (toys strategically positioned on the floor) just to stop him. She used to work herself up trying to keep her baby away from the fire.

Until one faithful day, when she got tired and she let him get as close as his heart desired to the candle... you must have guessed that was his last day near it. He wised up real quick!

Wondering what that has to do with anything? Errm.. the thing is that just like my brother I'm fascinated with  fire but a different kind. The type I know isn't good for me. Don't let your mind run far o!
Its just Sweets!
I dunno why I find it irresistible.

SO the main problem is how to deal with my case.... should I adopt  my Mother's method and leave my self  to indulge in as much sweets, chocolates and confectioneries as my hands can touch until I literally get burnt i.e jedi jedi (I first heard this word in boarding school and it simply means a severe constipation or something like that) and all the other side effects? 

Can a man carry fire in his lap without burning his clothes?
Proverbs 6:27 (GWT)

(victory dance: #team no defaulting! #may! #no slacking! #fresh air)