Friday, 16 May 2014


Has someone ever sent you a message that encapsulated your very thoughts at that time? Well a friend of mine just did. This is what he wrote...

To what purpose is evil?, to what gain is this hate? 
How could thoughts be so lethal?, to what end is this fate?
Has life lost it's value?, is this the end of our universe?
Has blood become worthless?,is living now in reverse? 
There's nowhere to run,  no place to hide
                         Everyone is exposed in this maze so wide                          Tugs from left and right, pressures on every  side        
Can't we all just evade this Boisterous tide?

Uncertainty looms as we walk through the door
Too many Count of losses, we can't take this no more
Look where we are, look what we've become A show of shame..a fate to which we succumb

We live in a country where no one is safe
Where one's desire, is another one's chafe
The night is filled with screams of Violence
While the morning awakes with immortal silence
Defenseless people bombed, a crime heinously conducted
Emotions run deep over hundreds of  girls abducted
Daily the evil extends, the carnage transcends
While our leaders only condemn, But no one contends
To what end is this fate?, everyone wonders
Days go bye and yet the innocent Suffers

The reality of the unknown, still lays wide open like a field 
No one knows the fate of that which is next to be revealed
Each day unfolds, with the fear of what to Behold
With the choice of being afraid or the dare to be Bold
Could this be the way our  world is Designed?
Is this the path that we all must be Aligned?

This was never how It was meant to be
For we all in God's eyes were created to be equal and free
Free to show love, kindness, not with pretension but straight from the heart
But instead we've chosen to misunderstand religion just to tear us apart
In times like this, I can only hope and pray
hoping for the best with each new day
I Pray for peace, peace in our hearts and in our soul
I pray for Nigeria to be at ease and be free from the grip of terror 's control
I Pray for the Government and all the people in authority
Let's do what is right for us all to live in peace and unity
Though now we cry all day and weep all Night
Let our hearts be filled with joy when it's time for Sunlight

I Pray for the Nigerian people, yes the Nigerian people
With no reference to religion or ethnicity but Just cos we're equal
I pray that Christians and Muslims remember that we're first human beings
And learn to live together in peace like real people with feelings
I Pray for all people of the world to live a life of love
Let's learn to live together ,Let heaven smile from above
I pray that we love each other like ourselves
For that's when we can only live a true life of success
I pray for the victims of terror in Nigeria and the world over
May the souls of the departed find peace and let the living remain sober
I pray for an end to these senseless killings and bloodshed 
Let this path of evil end, let this monster be dead 
I pray for the Chibok girls abducted from where they dwell
going through difficult times that's even had to tell
I pray they return to their parents alive and well
let's remain hopeful, everything will be well

This Is my prayer, I PRAY FOR PEACE............

I'm praying on purpose. You Know you want to join me...

for Nigeria, Kenya, Africa as a whole and every other part of the world in need of God's intervention



  1. Emeka D. Azubuike19 May 2014 at 07:19

    The analysis is unending, the events are heartbreaking and unimaginable, is like is never gonna end. We are caught in a web that has really entangled our strengths to a point of inability and impotency. I keep asking for how long are we going to continue second guessing our efforts and moves to get better as a Nation.

    In the spirit of Nationhood,patriotism and piety I too believe it is for a while and add my voice in praying for our country.

    Heal our land, O Lord!

  2. Hmmm...took the words right out of my heart..
    But despite all this, Nigeria is still blessed and will continue to be. This too shall pass!

  3. Ifeoma Nkem-gbemudu19 May 2014 at 11:48

    Amen and thanks sis for Praying On Purpose.

  4. Yes o! This too shall pass IJN! Thank you for stopping by my blog :)!

  5. Jennifer Chukwukelu22 May 2014 at 10:48


  6. I pray on purpose.