Saturday, 28 June 2014

14for14: Dining Hall Nightmares

I went to a boarding school and like most, the dining hall was a world of it's own. It was the venue where the most embarrassing incidents and tales occurred. The two 'horrible' and 'earth shattering' things that you wouldn't want to happen to you in the dining hall were:

1) For your cutlery to fall! I don't know what the big deal was but then it was just so wrong. All eyes would be on you immediately and they'll be judging you. The eyes will automatically label you a grub, glutton, FFO (for food only) e.t.c. The judging had levels too. If it was a fork it was moderate, a spoon was worse but a Big Spoon like the one below was the worst of them all.

This was the basing Spoon!! lol
even Spoon get levels ;)!
2) For you to get a dining hall BADGE! That's what you get when food spills on your uniform. The bigger the badge the more the shame literally. Breakfast badges were the most dreaded because you had to sit through your remaining classes with it. Only babies were permitted to get food stains. (That reminds me according to this theory, I was a baby last Saturday because I poured a whole cup of tea on myself at an induction event and I was still going for a wedding afterwards. Sad right?)

So what did the Dining hall teach me?
1. That if I remain in my cocoon and refuse to try out new things (meals) from other cultures, I'll be missing a whole lot. You won't believe it but I started eating fish and water melon in Dining hall. Imagine!!
2. How to eat fast! Aint nobody got time to spend an hour eating a meal.
3. The person with the serving spoon is very powerful
4. Punctuality to the dining hall is key if you want to actually eat 
5. All that glitters is not gold. Some meals look way better than they taste

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31 (ESV)



  1. You are right about these lessons. I attended a boarding school though I didn't board but fear of a food badge was real even as a day student. People would just look at one like a 'grubby' lol. This just brought back some memories.

  2. John de Beloved3 July 2014 at 05:53

    I didn't agree to be a boarder jo, in my head the Trouble was too much. Plus if I was one ehn, my Truancy would have become hard to control :).

    But I don't get oh, if the spoon falls, then what? Who dies?? all them High schools and their crazy laws and dogmas shaaaa... :) Truly, the line that got me the most was......"The person with the serving spoon is very powerful"..... It hit me hard, and made me realize that: we can never be bigger than our source i.e GOD, our Parents and those who made us what we are today, cause truly they at one time or the other, (or even till now) hold the serving spoon.

    Nice Posts Cee, i am glad the 14-14 hustle is still on. See you at the finish line :D. HNM Bubba. Based on my mission to prove you wrong, this is Month 3... I can go for a year you know ;)

  3. Amaka Hundeyin5 July 2014 at 00:38

    Lool my school was boarding and day and I really wanted to be in the hostel but my parents didn't let me. I remember that basing spoon and that big pot.. The most amusing was juniors getting pap or custard stains on their upper lips. Great post

  4. Hehehe. Funny how things that mattered then don't anymore. Thanks for always visiting :)

  5. Ha! You missed big time joor! The dorms was where things happened. LOL!!!

    Hmmm... If the spoon falls.. It clatters hence drawing attention to the owners "ineptitude"... in boarding schools public embarrassments/ disgrace was equal to death.

    Yeah that's quite true. Never thought of it in that light. The power in the Serving spoon ;)!

    Thank you!! Time flies.. We're 6 months and counting!

    *cheeky grin* I won! you lost the bet so you owe me big time!!! start saving up... pay day is around the corner :p!

  6. Awww. The opposite was the case for my siblings and I. My both parents went to boarding schools so they decided all of us would follow suit.

    Ha ha ha. I can only imagine what the juniors must have looked like with pap stains.

    Thank you for visiting my blog *big hug*

  7. The refectory in boarding school, for me, was where i honed the ability to barter. Beans for fish, 'loaf'(bread) for 'abu'(tea), my 'piece'(meat) for doing my morning duty and all sort of looney stuff. Then the times you would have to smuggle food out for a senior student brought out the genius in you-skills you never knew you had. Boarding school rocks, it teaches you survival skills. fond memories....