Wednesday, 30 July 2014

14for14: last minute

The school where I am currently serving closed for the summer last Friday. Yay!! So I'm supposed to start chilling right? Well not exactly. My work just began and it has nothing to do with marking scripts and compiling results. I volunteer with an organisation every August to help disadvantaged students in developing their literacy and numeracy skills. This is my fourth or fifth year doing it and as a rule each year can only get better... So work dey but God is as always more than faithful :)!

There was a valedictory event of some sorts for the outgoing JSS 3 students on Thursday and the following are some of the things I learnt from the event:

1. It doesn't take plenty people to plan a successful event. I'm of the opinion that only the principal and her secretary planned the whole thing. I stand to be corrected but most of the staff were surprised by a lot stuff including the yearbook given to the outgoing pupils.

2. Students can undergo a complete 360 degree change when the music is turned on. I wish I could show you guys what I'm talking about. The dance moves were unbelievable! I really wish they could transfer a fraction of their enthusiasm to their studies. There are still a handful that have difficulty in reading and calculating basic sums.

The "he-pop dancers"lol!
3. The school photographer makes money!

4. It's the same set of students that get all the prizes. Its usually the first position in the class that gets the well behaved prize or the neatest student prize. Makes me wonder if intelligence is really linked to neatness and behavior...

5. Students are quite observant once it involves food or money! I gave out my food pack to a student who had been following me around that day and you can guess what happened next... Also the Vice principal sprayed some dancers money and that was how the next set of dancers danced until they got their share too.

Lol! July is almost over and I have succeeded in doing another Last minute 14for14 blog post! Next month I plan on breaking the trend :)

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.