Thursday, 16 July 2015

Guilty con-con

In secondary school, it was called "guilty con-con"; the invasion of the guilty conscience on a person's mind/emotions causing one to be sober/behave sheepishly/rethink one's actions. Thought of this phrase some seconds ago and it made me laugh especially as it kinda shows how I feel.   

   I feel a little bit guilty... Cos  I left work earlier than closing time. In my defense I had finished all the work on my table and a tad over-excited about the extra long weekend. I blame the cleaner too because  he came to tell me how bad the traffic was outside. The next thing I knew it I found myself outside enroute home. 

Bought boiled groundnut for the road *winks* see picture below of what I did to it afterwards*wide grin* 

Yup! Put it on a tray as soon as I got home just to make sure I hadn't missed any and guess what? I found a few trying to hide and did justice to them *yimu*

Anyways what's your plan for the weekend? Mine is activity packed and I'm yet to decide if that's a yay or nay. 

Oh well! Still feel guilty and I think it's because I beat the traffic and got home some minutes before  6pm while it seems everyone else is either still at their office desk or just starting out on the traffic hussle home. But really should I? Shouldn't office hours be about how productive I am and not necessarily about the hours logged on the clock?

Have a wonderful weekend:)!

P.s: Too hungry to proofread atm

With love,