Thursday, 3 September 2015

Book shy or is it blog shy?

I'm officially Book shy! If you know me well you'll know I'm an unrepentant reader and my case got worse when I joined The Book Fountain Tea party because every month I get a free book once I attend the book club meeting but that's a story for another day.

I blame this "sudden" book shyness on all of you! If it's not the lady in the bus beside me craning her neck to see what I'm reading or the guys at work who won't let me be because of the titles of my books! Una what should man pikin do? Seriously considering wrapping my books #secondary school style ;)!

Anyways in other news... Guess who's birthday is around the corner? As in 3 days time! He has brought me from a mighty long way!

As I celebrate, it's a 3-in-1 something cos I'm celebrating...
1. My Life! 
As in... I recently read a story on Bella Naija about a lady born on the same day as Yours truly and it's caused me to reflect inwards. Plus some other mushy stuff!

2. My Work! I'm grateful for the wonderful job I get to do every morning plus all the volunteer work I'm privileged to be part of. 

3. My Professional Certification! So, part of the reason I've been MIA was exams. According to a friend of mine, after uni any exams u read for is like 'Adult Education' literally! (Check Out: Mind your Language TV series to understand my friend's Point )
I'm grateful that I passed in one seating and it's finally off my to do list.


with love,