Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A lesson learnt

I have always been troublesome. I can't remember exactly what I did this time to Tade but he turned to me and said "your mother is a prostitute" as a result of my latest trouble making. This happened in those days when 'waka' and 'your mother' were heavy insults to receive. Heads turned to my direction, the whole class awaited my reaction.
but to the surprise of everyone, I smiled and just said to him "you'll see" but  in my heart, I was nursing a victorious comeback.
For you see, the very next day was visiting day and my mother was sure to come.
During night prep, i let the cat out of the bag! you should have seen how Tade begged me. It felt good to have so much power. A "whole" Tade was kneeling down to beg me. 
I was adamant. Standing tall with a wicked grin looking forward to the next day.
Saturday finally came. I ran to hug my mother and almost pushed her down in the process. After the customary greetings and how about aunty this and uncle that.
I told her with a straight face what my classmate had said. I sat still, anticipating the talk my mother was going to have with either the principal, my class teacher or at least Tade.
I got the greatest ela ojuko **one eye covered**,
when she simply asked me, "Am I a prostitute?"
and I answered, " No, Mummy"
and then she asked as a matter of fact, "then why are we having this discussion?"

My face turned as red as my black skin could allow.
What was i going to tell my friends? How was I going to face Tade after all my bragging?

That day, my mother taught me two of life's greatest lessons. My identity is not based on people's opinion or some shallow Jss3 boy's words and secondly there are some things not worth fighting for.


"You are the most excellent of men
and your lips anointed with grace, since God has blessed you forever."
Ps. 45:2 (NIV)

yours sincerly,


  1. I like your blog alot I'm going to follow.

  2. thanx alot!! i'm also following urs so it's bak to 20...

  3. aww this is a short sweet post. My mum wld have totslly reacted in the same way :)

  4. Thanks! Great Moms think alike ;)!