Monday, 30 May 2011

My Wet Shoes!!

This was drawn by one of my art students :)

Do you know what it means to suffer and smile? I do. I had a very important meeting today. I set out early and half way into the journey, rain started falling. make no mistake, it wasn't Ajebutter rain o! it was a serious downpour. so now I'm at the  office, sitting down quietly in my wet shoes waiting for the manager to arrive. I dare not remove my shoes because of the "stench" i might unleash and secondly because of the fear of not being taken serious or that I'll just be the girl that has no shoes on. So my wet shoes are staying on as a symbol of my resolve to smile and be of good cheer even in unpleasant situations.

(hope I don't get cold feet on this matter;)!!)

yours sincerely,


  1. hahaha aww how did it go? wet shoes are the worst cos they stink so bad lool

  2. lol!! was ok... eventually didn't get to see the manager but i got all the info i needed.

  3. LoL @ cold feet!
    I can imagine the rain tho, it must have been crazy that u r keeping ur shoes on. LoL. Nice blog, i am a fan of ur profile "'m alot of things but first of all i'm a christain....", well if that is supposed to be "Christian". LoL

  4. lol!! thanks alot especially 4 letting me know about the typo...;)!