Wednesday, 4 May 2011

my snake reminder

I saw a snake last night
It was just beside my room
Funnily i didn't give in to hysteria
I simply bolted my door and windows
And let sleep take me to dreamland
A place where everything is a figment of my imagination

I can't really explain why I didn't scream
It was a real snake, of that i'm very sure
A friend and I saw it move
Before she made a run for her room
I said a simple prayer for protection of all
Knowing fully well that God hears and answers

There's a peace that comes from knowing God
and understanding his nature and capabilities
Yesterday was just a reminder of His promise
No matter what life brings my way
A snake, a mad cow or even an Alien
No harm is permitted to befall me

(N.B : this happened on the 29th of April in school.)
yours sincerely,