Sunday, 10 April 2011

Life (as I know it)

why is it that most often than naught the stuff you preach about and condemn are the things that always come back to haunt you?
why is it that we fall for things when we really know better?
why do we still make the same mistakes we see others make and cry about?
is it because we need to make our own mistakes or is it because we are just plain stupid??!
its always easy to judge people and even condemn them but when we do similar stuff we justify and rationalize our motives.
why are things never black or white? we always seem to be somewhere in between... grey to be precise!
it is said that we can never truly understand someone's pain until we've been through the exact or similar situation.
is it really better to love and lose love than not loving at all?
why do people never take an outright no? instead they keep hoping and bugging one in an attempt to wear down one's resolve
why am i stuck in the middle?
why do i dislike so many and truly love a few?
why am i the way i am?
why do i do the things i do?
i am certain of this though, that there is still hope!