Sunday, 10 April 2011

Young Man

So we've met before and you paid for my drink
and i cant even remember your name
it was a very nice gesture but thats where it ends
i've tried so many times to gently let you down
and discourage your advances
i'm getting tired of being nice
don't push me to the wall, young man!

So many times i've thought back to that day in cafe
and i regret letting you pay
i should have been blunt and refused then.
you make me feel bad for not making small talk
but i don't want to start something i won't finish
or maybe i should have pretended not to know you the next day
because i'm getting tired of being polite
don't push it to far, young man!

So you keep intentionally appearing and reappearing everywhere i go.
if i needed a bodyguard, i would have said so
i hate (abhor) stalking of any and every kind.
why can't my short, flippant and monosyllabic replies tell you how i feel?
i don't want to talk today, tomorrow or ever
you are really pushing it, young man!

So we're in the same school and group
i don't hate you or like you
i just dislike people who try to hard and refuse to take rebuttals
i just pray you don't push me to do something stupid or
say something extrimily rude.
i'm really trying to be nice and smile
but you are pushing me to the wall, young man!


  1. I've been here before!!!

    Feel this...

    So you ask me out the first time and i said no
    you ask again and i still say no
    then comes my birthday and you get me a gift
    I wont take it so you'll let me be
    You send it through your homie to my friend
    but its still lies there untouched in my locker.
    I don't know why you still don't get it
    or maybe you're just too slow to understand
    that you're way of out my league, young man!

  2. I lyk it! We shuld do a combo sometime...