Thursday, 14 April 2011


Beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder
what you consider to be beautiful
might just be repulsive to me
 i personally conside the sky as a 'portrait of beauty'
i like the way it has mood swings
one minute its blue and "lovey dovey"
the next its vexed threatening to storm
other times it's blank... giving away no emotion
it's never afraid to express it's true feelings
when it's sad, its never ashamed to let tears drop
when its happy, it beams so much we get sunstrokes
it doesn't care what people think about its thunder
it is void of pretense
i love that no matter what challenge it faces,
especially with this ozone depletion saga
it still takes out time to potray its inner beauty
beauty in the good, bad and ugly
beauty in transparency, honesty and intergrity
there is indeed beauty in diversity