Friday, 15 April 2011

judging cee

"don't judge me cos u ain't me"
is a cliche she's willing to adopt
she's a christain and she loves God
but sometimes she messes up like everyone else
and if God doesn't judge her
who are you to do so?

she sometimes says stuff she doesn't mean
and does stuff she shouldn't
why can't evry1 in the world be like God?
He forgives and totally forgets
why can't her past be left in the past?
why are people so unforgiving?

she prays to be perfect
and God sees her heart
but if along the way she falls
please don't judge her
instead lend a helping hand
and put a sister back on track

'cos judging her won't help you or me


  1. Lovee the most, nice message, "if God doesn't judge us, who are we to judge one another"
    Posh Culture would like to wish you a happy easter.
    Check out our blog; u'll definitely be seeing more of us on your blog :)

  2. Happy Easter 2 u too.
    9ce blog!! It has an edge 2 it.