Thursday, 28 April 2011


As a child I used to look forward to the day I'd partake in elections
it wasn't just the fact that I would have a part in the selection
I was simply glad to see the end of the last government tenure
and filled with hopes and aspirations for the new national adventure

You see, Nigeria is a great nation
and I say that with a deep hearted conviction without hesitation
She is very much like an expectant mother
pregnant with potentials though the delivery date seems further

There is definitely more to Nigeria than what we normally obtain
though it seems as if her direction is uncertain
Nigeria will surely spring forth unrestrained
for she can no longer be manipulated and detained

Elections are just a step in the right direction
I pray for a free, fair and peaceful election
and that the fear of God will drive our leaders
so that Nigeria will indeed be a joy to all readers

yours sincerely,


  1. this is wonderful stuff, chisom. the words used in this piece helps the character come alive.

    may nigeria truly spring forth as a result of these elections

    may the new leaders lead right and play the power game as fairly as possible

    may we all benefit from the individuals we voted in

    and may God control them to do the best for the people.

  2. Thanks. I'm glad u lyk it n i say a big Amen to ur prayers!

  3. Amen!!
    lovely poem :)
    i hope Nigeria gets its act together!

  4. Thank you n i hope so too.